The Black Plague

Steppers Delight Giclee On Canvas by John Holyfield

They treated them like The Black Plague.

This walking pestilence ravaging the Earth.

Walking all proud-like and powerful

all royalty-like and purposeful

infecting generations of people with its culture, music, dance, and cornrolls.

This was a virus that needed to be controlled.

They could not have this thing infecting people with all this hope.

COVID-19 is terrifying, but empowering the people was worse

so, the powers that be raised their glasses, smiled and solidified the oath.


The first phase was overt

strip them of their names, rape their wives, and remove their clothes.

Next, shackle them together and dismantle their dignity.

The vaccination was so far working.

They became Mammies instead of Mothers

and Negroes instead of Kings.


But the Black Plague continued to spread

continued to influence

and shift the direction of the Earth

there was no restraining the wind

out of its affliction grew the epidemic

of black excellence

building communities, gaining wealth, and reestablishing identity.

The so-called powers had to take their power back

and so, they infected their neighborhoods with crack.

Mass incarcerate them

“Jump Jim Crow” them

redline them

school-to-prison pipeline them

hide their history

hide their truth

miseducate them and kill the youth.

Put your knees on their necks

and stick your knives in their backs.

But none of it worked.


It was a secret deeper than White Supremacy

more in-depth than the witchcraft of stolen identity

deeper than unarmed black men bleeding in the streets

more frightening than charred bodies hanging from trees

more detailed than this apparent sickness was the truth

these people they called plagues were not plagues at all

they were Prophets

and healers of the Earth.


It was no wonder the more they were afflicted,

the more they grew.

Writers Wednesday – Chapter Twelve – The Women with Blue Eyes

Chapter 12: My Brother’s Keeper

Sweat pooled along Jason’s forehead and poured down his face, dripping from his body. Shirtless, he attacked the bag, beating it with all the anger inside of him. Word on the street was that Big Steve, Marquise, and Chris were murdered at El Che the other day. Not only was this shocking but it reminded him of how close he had come to his own death. He was supposed to meet with them that night. If it weren’t for that car accident, he would be dead too. Damn, he thought of Tina. That woman saved my life.

Their first date was approaching, and now that he understood the weight of why the accident happened, he’d have to treat her to something special. He was eternally grateful even if also sad. In one day, he had lost all his friends. He didn’t understand how no one had seen anything when it happened in broad daylight in front of a room full of people.

It was also reported that Steve’s phone was missing, which would explain why he didn’t answer his texts. Jason didn’t believe the cops and detectives and assumed they were not doing their job as usual to solve his friend’s case. Was it because they were all black men? There was no way no one knew anything. There was no way no one saw anything, and now he was organizing a fundraiser to raise the money to bury three of his friends.

“Ah!” Jason yelled out loud in frustration.

“Everything gonna be alright, man,” said Eddie, Jason’s workout buddy.

“Somebody gonna find out something.”

Jason sat down on a bench and wiped his head and chest with a towel. “It’s just not making sense. How the hell three men die in your establishment in broad damn daylight and nobody see nothing? Somebody lying.”

“I agree with that bro, for real,” said Eddie punching a bag.

“They saying it might be drug-related.”


“Yea, man, talking about they found cocaine in their system.”

“What?” Eddie said again.

“And you know my brothers didn’t smoke. We may have hit some weed or something but not that other shit.”

“I know,” agreed Eddie. That’s not how Jason rolled. He didn’t get high, and he didn’t hang with people who got high. Jay wasn’t perfect, but he tried to be an upright man. Eddie knew that he wouldn’t hang around with no scrubs.

Jason’s cell rang, and he stared at the screen in disbelief. “What the…?”

Eddie stopped punching the bag, and Jason showed him the screen.


Jason pulled the phone back. “What I say about people playing games?”

“That’s some spooky shit,” said Eddie. Silence filled the room as the phone went silent and then started vibrating again.

Eddie tilted his head, “Didn’t they say Big Steve’s phone was missing? Yo answer that.”

Jason held up a hand and answered. “Hello?”

There was no answer.

Eddie thought he’d stopped breathing as they listened, the phone on speakerphone.


Jason hung up the phone and grabbed his shirt off the bench, pulling it over his head. “Eh, man, I’m out. Gotta find out what the hell is going on here.”

“Take care of your businessman,” said Eddy.

The men hugged, fist-bumped, and Jason was out the door. Eddie returned to punching the bag in front of him.


Jason’s head pounded as he drove to the nearest police station, thankful Amarie was still with his parents. He had not gone back to get her since the news came. They understood and offered to give him as much time as he needed. “Just remember this is your daughter,” his dad cautioned.

Jason cursed under his breath at the Chicago traffic and hoped the cops could trace the call back to the killer.

When he drove past a police station, Jason made a U-Turn and barely parked his car when he jumped out of it and ran into the building.

“I need to speak to someone,” he said to the receptionist, a white woman with brown freckles and glasses that hung off the tip of her nose. She frowned at the sweaty-faced, out-of-breath man with the wet t-shirt and grabbed a sticky note.


“I got some information about the El Che Steakhouse murders.”

The woman removed her glasses and raised a brow. “What kind of information?”


Juan typed into his computer and scribbled words onto a notepad. They were still investigating the death of Byron Jones, and now three more people had died. They were being slaughtered with paperwork and follow-ups.

“Mr. Emerson? You have a visitor.”

Juan sighed and kept typing.

“Mr. Emerson?”

“One moment Kathy,” he said, finishing the last of the sentence his secretary had interrupted. “Do you think you can handle that for me? We’re swamped in here today.”

“He says he’s got information on the Steakhouse murders.”

Juan stopped typing and looked up. “We don’t know if it’s murder yet. Send him in.”

A light-complexioned black man entered, sweaty-faced and out of breath.

“Good afternoon. I’m detective Emerson. Please, have a seat.”

He watched as the man sat and looked around the room. Juan smiled. That was the usual response to his office. He was an avid reader and took great pride in his collection.

“What can I do for you? I hear you have information on the Steakhouse case?”

The man pulled out a cell phone and started scrolling.

“I need ya’ll to track this number.” He put the phone down on the desk. “That number belongs to Steve. Steve is my friend,” the man sniffed. “Was my friend. My best friend.”

“Okay,” said Juan picking up the phone. He recalled Steve being one of the names of the victims. “And by Steve, you mean Steve Richardson?”

A tear escaped the man’s eye, but he wiped it away quickly.

“Yes. Steve Richardson, Chris Washington, and Marquis Johnson. Those were my friends and I believe that whoever killed them called me from that number just now. Why? I don’t know that’s why I’m here, but I know I got a call from that number and that’s Steve’s number, and I don’t know what’s going on, but I need someone to explain to me why a dead man is calling my phone.”

Juan leaned back in his seat and held out a hand. “Did you say these were your friends?”

“Yea man, so what ya’ll gonna do? Can’t you put some tracking shit on that or something?”

Juan typed into the computer. “I’m sorry. I never got your name.”

“Jason. My name is Jason.”

Juan nodded. So, this is Jason.

“What?” asked Jason, annoyed.

Juan cleared his throat. He hadn’t meant to stare. “I’m sorry, this is just the first real lead in this case.”

Juan scratched at his chin. This could be a real opportunity for them. Tina’s suspension can prove more valuable than they had anticipated. She needed to be out of the picture for what he had in mind.

Jason’s phone vibrated, and he looked down at it and typed. “Look, man,” he said, “I gotta go. Ya’ll gonna help me solve my brother’s murder or what?”

“First, it’s not technically a murder. There’s no proof that anyone killed these men. No witnesses and no weapon. Right now, it’s looking like a freak accident.”

Jason waved his hand, “man, that’s bullshit.”

“It’s called Asphyxiam,” said Juan. “It’s what happens when your body doesn’t get enough oxygen to keep you from passing out. When you breathe normally, first you take in oxygen. Your lungs send that oxygen into your blood, which carries it to your tissues. Then your cells use it to make energy. Any interruption to the process of breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide can make you pass out or lose your life.”

“What’s your point?”

“It looks as if the men suffocated, on what we don’t know. It could be aspiration, when food goes down the wrong pipe or choking. Perhaps they choked on the food they were eating, but our only witness, the waitress, said the men hadn’t ordered any food yet. We are still waiting for her to come in to confirm it. She says they were too focused on some women at another table.”

Juan stopped talking and cocked his head.

The women. How had he missed that? Who are these women?

He picked up the phone and started dialing.

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Writers Wednesday – Chapter 11: The Women with Blue Eyes

Chapter 11: She’s Involved

Tina: Not gonna make it in time for dinner. Tell Ms. Bernice I’ll pay extra. See you in a bit.

Janiyah stared at the text on the screen for the tenth time. She had been looking at it on and off for an hour. Not only was Tina going to be home late again, but Janiyah would have to be the one to break the news to Miss. Bernice that she was being forced to work late again. There was nothing worse than letting someone down more than once. This was the third time this week.

Janiyah sat the phone down on the counter, watching as Miss. Bernice swung her bag over her shoulder. Damn, and she would be just about to leaveNow I gotta tell her she can’t until Tina gets here. Those were the rules. Kayla and Mike were already knocked out on the couch. They were hoping to stay up to catch Tina. Janiyah saw the frustration in Bernice’s face.

“Why don’t you go ahead Miss. Bernice.”

Bernice looked at her watch. “Are you sure? I can wait a few more minutes.”

“No, you go on. I can watch the kids.”

Miss. Bernice looked at Janiyah with a raised brow, that was against Miss Tina’s rules. Even though Janiyah was of age, Tina was overprotective since Ronnie died. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, your good. Go on.”

“Thank you so much,” she said hugging Janiyah on her way out the door. “Love you baby.”

“I love you too Miss. Bernice. Take care.”

Janiyah shook her head and then walked over to the couch.

“Alright you two. Up. Come on.”

She tugged at Kayla and Mike to get them to stand, pulling their arms. They whined and pleaded to stay.

“Nope, time to get up. Come on, let’s go.”

Janiyah got the kids walking, albeit slowly, through the living room and up the stairs to bed. She had just pulled the covers over Mike when she heard the keys in the door.

“Thank you, Miss. Bernice, I am so sorry there was a car and…” Tina’s voice boomed. Janiyah stood at the top of the stairs, watching as Tina rushed into the house. She folded her arms.

“Oh, hey Niyah, where’s Miss. Bernice?”

“I sent her home.”

Tina sat her purse and keys on the counter. “You what?”

“She has a family too you know.”

Tina removed her jacket and put it on the coat rack by the door. “Bernice lives alone.”

“She volunteers at the nursing home. Just because she lives alone doesn’t mean she is alone.”

“Which is why I’m paying her extra. This is her job Janiyah. If she doesn’t like it, she can always quit.”

“I’m old enough to watch them you know.”

“Yes, I know but that’s not the arrangement. Those aren’t….”

“The rules. Got it.”

Tina stepped back and looked her niece up and down. This time she was the one folding her arms.

“Is there something you want to say to me?”


“Rules are in place for a reason. They help to keep order. This is my house, and these are my rules. Anyone who does not like it know what to do.”

Janiyah rolled her eyes. Tina ignored it.

She meant what she said. Her house. Her rules. They were not to be left home alone under any circumstances, especially now that Paschar’s legion was on the loose. Tina knew Niyah was old enough to understand but she couldn’t risk anyone else calling her crazy. She shook her head of the thoughts.

“Ya’ll eat?”

“Yea, Miss. Bernice made spaghetti.”

“Okay good. You won’t believe what happened to me today, I was in…”

“…come to think of it, Miss. Bernice pretty much does everything around here.”

“Janiyah, what is your problem this evening?”

Janiyah rolled her eyes and went upstairs.

Tina shook her head. Teenagers.

She walked into the kitchen and opened the door to the refrigerator. She grabbed a wine cooler and heard the door to Janiyah’s room slam closed.


Tina closed the door to her supervisor’s office behind her and was surprised to see Amy and Fred there. Fred was sitting in one of the two chairs in front of the desk and Amy stood next to Juan Emerson, her boss, a large manilla envelop in front of him. Tina folded her arms.

“What’s up?”

Juan cleared his throat and picked up the envelope. He was a handsome man. Cuban, butterscotch-colored skin, jet black hair, nicely shaped goatee around full lips, and a beautiful smile. He had come to America with his parents at just three years old and had worked hard to become one of the youngest Cuban supervisors in their unit. When teased about his common name he’d always give a brief history lesson.

“Juan is a Spanish version of John and is connected with Juan Almeida Bosque, the Cuban revolutionary. It means God’s gracious gift.”

People typically left him alone after that, not wanting to hear any more. With his Cuban heritage Juan was long-winded and could talk you to death, resurrect you and kill you again. He and Tina typically got along and had little friction except for now. Something was off about the energy in the room. But then again, Amy was there. Tina was sure it could have just been her.

Juan pointed to the available chair, “have a seat.”

Tina looked from Juan to Fred to Amy. Fred played with his hands and Amy looked away. Something was definitely up.

“I’ll stand.”

“Please, sit.”

Tina sighed and sat in the chair. Juan’s office was one of the most comfortable in the building. The chairs were plush, and Juan stocked the bookshelves with the best literature. Juan’s collection was next level. Every book you can imagine existed was on his shelf from classics to new releases. Cuban authors, European authors, African American authors. He didn’t discriminate, and that’s what made his collection so fascinating and unique.

The man had range and the architecture of the bookshelf itself was immaculate, red oak lining the room all around. Tina paused to examine her surroundings, thinking of all the times they used to hide out in this office drinking whiskey and laughing back when he was a new detective. She even spent a night here one time when she was too wasted to drive home. It was that cozy but now, Tina didn’t feel comfortable. The energy in the room was stale, the bookshelves could have been a wall closing her in, and the chair may as well have been made of concrete.

“What is this about?” she whispered to Fred. But he just shrugged and looked forward.

Juan opened the envelope and removed three photos, spreading them faced down on the desk. Tina moved her chair closer to get a better look.

“What’s this?”

Juan responded by turning the pictures over, one at a time. Amy looked away and Tina’s hand rushed to her mouth.

“Oh my God.”

Three skeletal bodies in baggy clothing lay at a table, their eyeballs protruding from their sockets. It looked like something had sucked the fluid out of them and left skin and bones in oversized clothes.

Amy turned away from the office window and back toward the table, shaking her head.

“This is the El Che Steakhouse and Bar on Washington Blvd,” began Juan. “The waitress assigned to the table discovered the bodies. She said that she had taken the men’s orders and when she returned with their drinks, they were like this.”

“My goodness.” It would take a long time for her to get those images out of her head now.

“But that’s not even the weird part,” continued Juan. “This happened in broad daylight during normal business hours, but there are no witnesses to the actual murder if we can even call it murder. Customers say they saw nothing. Everyone remembers seeing the men enter the restaurant, but that’s all. They say they looked like normal men coming in to eat like the rest of them. One of them was even big-boned, you know, heavyset.”

Amy chuckled. People said Big Boned to keep from saying fat and she knew Juan was being extra sensitive around Fred who was on the heavy side himself. He was fat. Say that, she thought.

“But no one saw them suffering in any way.”

“That’s impossible. Someone had to see something,” Tina said touching each of the pictures.

Juan took a deep breath and Amy looked down at her feet.

Why are they acting like they were just caught kissing and I’m the mama?

“Come on ya’ll. What’s going on? You all know you can keep it real with me. I don’t like all this beating around the bush stuff.”

“I looked into Jason like you asked me to,” said Fred.

So, you do remember how to talk.

“I didn’t find anything, as you know.”

The mention of Jason’s name made Tina’s heart beat fast. “I know,” she said annoyed. They had already been over this.

“I did find he’s connected to these men though. Did you know that?”

Tina’s head jerked back, “Of course, I didn’t know.”

Fred sat up in his seat and leaned forward. “Here’s what I don’t get. You ask me to look into a man and not even two days later that man’s friends are dead?”

“Wait, you’re not saying I had anything to do with this?”

Fred sat back. “No, of course not.”

Tina stood. “Then what are you saying?”

“T, girl calm down.”

Tina looked at Amy. “Don’t tell me to calm down like you ain’t just hear him passively accuse me of having prior knowledge of these men’s murders. What are you doing here anyway?”

Juan held up a hand, “We don’t know if it’s a murder.”

“I’m here because Mr. Emerson asked me to be here, okay?”

Tina turned her attention back to Fred, torturing him with her eyes.

“Listen Tina, you’ve been through a lot and…” began Juan but Tina held up a hand.

“Don’t patronize me…”

“We wouldn’t want to do that. We just think you need a break is all.”


Juan pressed a button on the office phone and Tina stepped back at the voice coming through the speaker.

“You haven’t been to any sessions; you barely answer my calls. We’re worried about you T.”

Tina shook her head, trying to hold the anger back. It was Erica.

“You were listening the entire time? What is this, an intervention?”

“Can you tell us why you’ve been talking to yourself?” asked Amy.

“I don’t owe any of you an explanation.”

Juan cleared his throat again. “You kinda do.”

“This is bullshit.”

“Answer her question Tina,” said Fred, “what’s going on with you?”

Tina thought back to a bathroom conversation with Az. Amy had caught her talking with him there. She thought she explained that away. She knew it would come back to haunt her.

“I was just using the bathroom, give me a break.”

“No,” said Fred, “there’s another time. You were sitting in the car outside of the office, moving your hands and I don’t know if you were praying or…”

Tina waved. “Oh, come on. What I do in my car is my business.”

“I saw it with my own eyes, T,” chimed Amy. “You were sitting there talking to yourself. That’s twice now.”

“And,” added Erica, “you haven’t been to a session in like two weeks so I can’t even vouch for where your head is right now.”

“What’s the plan? Huh? You gonna fire me? Just come out and say what it is you brought me here to say.”

“How do you know Jason?” asked Juan.

“You told me before you think he may be connected,” said Fred pointing to the photographs “and now we see that he is connected. How did you know this?”

“First don’t say know this like I knew three black men were gonna die yesterday!”

“Yes, but you know what I’m talking about Tina. How did you know about Jason in the first place?”

Tina felt guilty. It did sound suspicious, but she couldn’t tell them about Az. She already told Erica about seeing aliens and here she was standing against her. She thought she believed her. She spoke to her as she did, even told her to get more information on humans who may be involved and now look at her. Tina felt like an idiot. Erica must have heard crazy stories like hers all the time and was probably just entertaining her.

Tina glanced at the photographs on Juan’s desk and shivered. She knew for a fact Pas was responsible but she couldn’t say that out loud. She looked up and into Juan’s face. “I had a hunch.”

“That’s some hunch T, come on,” said Fred.

“I don’t think I was talking to you.” Freddy was starting to piss her off.

“Hey, Erica? I’ll be in touch,” said Juan, hanging up the phone. He leaned back into his chair, picked up one of the photos, and then put it back down on the desk. It was hard to look at. Juan sighed and directed his attention to Fred and Amy. “Find the Waitress. Bring her in immediately, and T? Take some time off.”

“Time off meaning what? Are you firing me?”

“Tina, you know I wouldn’t do that. Paid time off. Get your head in the game.”

Tina rolled her eyes and walked out of the office.

Amy looked at Fred. “Well. That went well.”

“I don’t know what’s gotten into her. Ever since her nephew died, she hasn’t been the same,” said Fred.

Juan looked down at the photos and shook his head. He hated to suspect Tina of anything but that was some hunch.

“Keep an eye on her,” he said, his eyes still on the photographs. “I think she’s involved. I wanna know how and I wanna know why.”

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Chapter 13: My Brother’s Keeper

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Writers Wednesday – Chapter 10: The Women with Blue Eyes

Chapter 10: The El Che Steakhouse Murders

Big Steve felt the phone vibrate in his jeans as they entered El Che Steakhouse and Bar, but he ignored it. This was like one of those moments in the movies where someone sees a white light during a near-death experience, but he wasn’t dead, and this light was blue.

“Hey, fam, ya’ll see that?”

Big Steve tapped his friends, Chris and Marquis, as they made it to their table on the other side of the restaurant.

“Damn,” said Marquise.

The men sat down at the table, “Look like its our lucky day fellas,” said Chris.

Steve pointed to the table in the distance, “Look at they eyes though.”

“I’m not screwing her eyes,” Chris said laughing.

“I’m serious though. Ya’ll don’t think that’s weird?”

“Maybe they contacts,” said Marquise.

Steve shook his head, “I ain’t never seen contacts that bright bro.”

“What can I get you gentlemen?” asked the waiter but the men were glued to the other table.

“Hello?” The Waitress rolled her eyes.

“Uh yea, water,” said Chris.”

The waitress put her hands on her hips, looked over at the other table and then back to the men.

“Everybody want water?”

“Yep,” said Marquise, still staring across the room.

“Let me get a shot of crown, no ice,” said Steve.

The waitress wrote down his order, rolled her eyes again and walked off.

Chris got up from the table and Big Steve grabbed his arm, “What you doing man?”

“Imma go talk to her.”

Steve frowned, “what?”

“I ain’t about to sit here with my tongue out like ya’ll. Got my eye on that little Japanese one. I love it when they little like that.”

The men laughed hard and the women across the room all turned to look at them, their crystal blue eyes piercing. It was like a lucid dream. Either this wasn’t really happening, or they were three of the luckiest men on Earth. Time seemed to stop as the women looked deeply into their eyes from across the room.

“Maybe I should just sit here a minute,” said Chris, unable to take his eyes off the Japanese one. He didn’t know if she was that fine or if he actually couldn’t look away.

In seconds, the women appeared right in front of them, their bodies bursting out of their clothing. Steve didn’t know how they had made it over to their table so quickly or how the thickest, darkest, sexist found her way onto his lap, his chin in her hands, her eyes locked on his. He wiped his brow. It had suddenly gotten hot.


Paschar turned around, slowly, careful to pay attention to every inch of her body. As she locked eyes with the biggest man at the table, her girls followed suit, rays of blue light shooting like lasers into the men’s eyes. They had frozen time and within seconds had glided over to the table. It didn’t matter that there were seven of them and three of the men. Men who thought they were getting orgies were the easiest victims anyway.

Paschar sat her booty on top of the man’s lap, strategically placing it on the part of his jeans where his penis was rock hard. Their lips met and she kissed him deeply, strongly. She enjoyed the kissing, their tongues lapping onto the other, the fresh taste of his scent. She could taste his essence. His past and his present. Everything that led him to this place was on her tongue. Everyone in the restaurant disappeared and it was just her and him.

She inhaled and with it sucked the oxygen out of his lungs, slowly suffocating him. Big Steve’s eyes swelled with surprise, his erect penis was now limp at the door of death. He couldn’t breathe. He knew it was something strange about these women, but it was too late. She had latched onto his mouth and wouldn’t let go. He pushed hard against her body, but she was like concrete. He was well over 200lbs. How in the hell was she stronger than he was?

The color drained from his face as he pushed but the woman didn’t move. Steve’s head got smaller as his body shrunk, his skin clinging onto his bones. The same was happening to his friends, their clothing was getting bigger and baggy as the women sucked the energy from their body. Paschar kept her lips locked on Steve’ and sucked until he was a sunken corpse before her.

She stood and searched the man’s pockets for the device that kept vibrating. She touched the screen. She learned how to operate cell phones years ago. It was strange how addicted the humans were to it, but she had to respect Hephaestus’s work, God of technology. He was getting his just as she had just gotten hers. She read the words on the screen.

Jason: Eh, I’m on my way, where ya’ll at?

Jason: Steve…

Jason: Eh, Steve where ya’ll at?

Jason: Hey man I’m not gonna be able to make it, somebody hit my shit, call me.

Jason: Hey man, sorry I missed ya’ll earlier. We got it taken care of. Tried calling. Hit me back. Peace.

Paschar smiled, wiping the sides of her mouth with a finger as Steve’s energy pulsated throughout her body. The girls had finished their meals as well. She slipped the phone into her purse and the women vanished, leaving three corpses at the table.

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Writers Wednesday – Chapter 9: The Women with Blue Eyes

Chapter 9: The Car Accident

Jason kissed Amarie on the cheek.

“Be good,” he commanded.

Alright ma, I’m out,” he said, hugging his mother. Dad had already said his goodbyes and was at the dog track by now. Jason shook his head. That man and the dog track. He had given him some good advice though. Mainly, that he shouldn’t trust that woman and that he was stupid for even going over there. He will give the lecture on “a woman’s ways.” Jason’s dad thought women were sneaky and often did more dirt than men. Every woman except his wife, that was.

“She probably tried to hoodoo yo ass. I’d stay away from her,” he had said. Jason laughed at the thought. Dad had his way of warning you. Jason wasn’t sure what it was, but he was glad he had left when he did. Besides, it wasn’t like he was going to ever see her again, anyway. He entered his car parked in his parent’s driveway and honked the horn as he drove out and down the street. He was driving for a while when he came to a stoplight.

Jason picked up his cell and typed.

“See what the fellas doing.”

A horn went off behind him. “Move it buddy!”

“Aiight, aiight,” he said, noticing the light was green.

Jason knew he shouldn’t try to text while driving, but he did it anyway and he figured everyone did. Jason had confidence that he was careful, casting his eyes on the road and back down to the phone. He never missed a beat. I’m good at this, he thought as he put the finishing touches on his text. The sound of a screeching car, honking horns, and the smell of rubber tires sounded around him as his car jolted forward, knocking the cell out of his hand.

“Oh shit!” he sounded as he pulled over.

The cars around him slowly pulled away, nosy drivers going 5mph to see the damage. Jason exited the car as another car pulled up behind him.

“Damn,” he said at the dent in the back. The driver of the other car parked behind him. He glanced up. It was a woman. Figures. In Jason’s mind, women couldn’t drive. He didn’t believe that in a sexist type way. It was just what he observed from women he knew and the women he dated. He loved his mom, but he didn’t think she knew how to drive either.

The woman stepped out of her car wearing black, fitted slacks, a white blouse, and high-heeled shoes. Her hair was pinned up on the top of her head, and her earrings were pearl studs. Those slacks filled out in the back. Jason stared.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened,” complained the woman.

You slammed into my shit is what happened. “It’s not too bad,” he lied, exhaling, hands in his pockets. He noticed the woman was staring at the car with a blank facial expression. She looked like she didn’t know what to do. He took his hands out of his pockets and held it out for her.

“I’m Jason.”

The woman pulled her eyes away from the car, perked up, and took his extended hand. “Oh, sorry. I don’t know where my mind is these days. Tina. Nice to meet you.”

Her hands were soft and melted into his palm like butter. This is not the time, Jason said to his hardening manhood. Just her hands alone had turned him on. This was different. But after what had happened with that other woman, he had to keep it together. She would probably try to hoodoo him too. He quickly let her hand go.

“Umm.” Tina dug into her purse and retrieved a card. “I guess we can exchange insurance info until the cops get here.”

“Yea, mine is in the car. I’ll get it for you.” Jason turned away to retrieve his information. While getting it out of the glove box he noticed the woman had also returned to her car. She appeared to be shaking her head in frustration. Jason exited the car and walked up to Tina’s car. She was talking to her GPS. He frowned. That was kind of weird. He didn’t think they worked that way. Maybe hers was broken. Or maybe she was one of those hoodoo women.

“Those things are the worst,” he said, and Tina jumped at his voice.

“Didn’t mean to scare you. Are you alright?”

The woman threw the GPS in the backseat and straightened up, exiting the car to stand next to him.

“Yea, I’m sorry again. This is a mess.”

“It’s okay. Here’s my card. Police should be here any minute now. I’m supposed to meet up with some friends. I wish they would hurry up.”

Tina took Jason’s card and gave him hers. “I know right?”

Jason and Tina engaged in small talk as the time passed and Jason became more and more frustrated. It had been almost thirty minutes and no sign of the cops. Jason looked at his phone.

“Man, where the hell they at?”

At his complaint, the red and blue lights appeared in the distance as the sound of sirens resounded.

“About damn time.”

Tina bit her lip. “Listen, this is my fault. I’m sorry again. I didn’t mean to make you miss your friends.”

Damn would she stop apologizing.

“It’s all good. Do me a favor, though?”

“Yes, anything,” she said perking up.

“Stop apologizing!” he laughed, watching her cheeks turn red. She was brown skinned, so it was super cute.

Damn she cute.

“Okay, I hear you. I’ll stop apologizing,” she smiled.


Tina’s hands wouldn’t stop shaking. She hoped Jason didn’t hear her talking to Az through the GPS. He was a pain in her butt.

“Let me make it up to you,” she said.

Jason smirked and Tina’s heart fluttered.

“Are you asking me out?” he asked, eyebrow raised, dimple piercing his cheeks.

Tina looked down, blushing. “I guess I am.”

Jason rubbed his hands together.

“Wow, never had a girl ask me on a date before.”

Tina hit his arm, “That’s right because I’m a woman.”

Jason stepped back, holding his chest, “Dang woman, is that how you treat all your dates? You violent.”

They laughed.

“I guess everything is okay here?”

Tina and Jason looked at each other and then back to the officer. They didn’t even see him walk up. He held a pen and clipboard in his hands.

“Yea, we good,” said Jason, cutting his eyes at Tina.

“Who hit who?” asked the officer. He sounded irritated.

Jason nodded at Tina, “She hit me.”

“Give a sista up just like that huh?”

“You did hit me though. Twice,” he said rubbing his arm.

Tina shook her head and Jason winked.

The cop cleared his throat and Jason pulled his attention away from Tina.

“Where do I sign officer?”

Turn right on green.

Tina’s nerves returned and she perked up at the sound of the GPS. Uh oh. Az.

While Jason signed papers, she took the time to return to the car and reach for the device in the backseat.

“I knew you’d find a way,” sounded the  device


“Hitting his car was brilliant,” said the GPS lady.”

Tina relaxed. It was definitely Az.

“Yea, well, just wait until he finds out I did it on purpose and that our meeting was no accident. He’ll hate me forever.”

She glimpsed at Jason from the window of her car. He looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back, halfheartedly. Chicago police were slow, especially for minorities. Her little trick should keep him away just long enough to keep him from meeting up with those friends Az already said were doomed. Tina sighed. She had saved the man. Her work here was done.

Or so she thought.

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Writers Wednesday – Chapter 8: The Women with Blue Eyes

Chapter 8: Something You Should Know

E: You need to come in

Tina: I know. I’m sorry. I will.

E: I’m serious T. Don’t miss another session or I’ll have to report your ass :-/

Tina: Lol. I won’t.

Although she had added a smiley face and “Lol,” to Erica’s text message, in real life she rolled her eyes. Erica was cool but she was still a therapist and Tina was still her client. One more reminder text, call, and email and Tina was going to scream. Before Az showed up again, she never missed a session but that was before she knew what she knew. And even though Erica was the most down-to-earth, most friendly homegirl-type therapist she could have asked for, she still couldn’t tell her everything.

Tina rubbed her temples with her thumbs. She was sitting in her car outside of the office deciding on what to do. Maybe Erica’s right. This is crazy. I need to just go home. Tina started the car. Freddy had turned up nothing on Jason anyway. She couldn’t help him if she wanted to. The sound of a new message appeared. Damn Erica.

Janiyah: Miss Bernice wanted me to ask if you were on your way.

Tina sighed in relief. It was just Niyah.

Tina: On my way now 🙂

Janiyah: K 🙂

“I know where he is.”

Tina dropped the phone and jumped at the sound of Az voice. He had made his body smaller and was sitting in the backseat of her car.

“Don’t do that!” She shook her head.


“You always say sorry and then you keep doing it.”

“I know where he is. You can stop him.”

“Why? Why me? Why can’t you just let me live my life?”

“I told you. Ronnie opened a door when he agreed to work for Big Sam.”

“What’s she got to do with it? Besides, Ronnie’s dead, as you already know,” Tina sighed. To be an angel he sure was simple minded.

“Ronnie may be dead, but a door is still open. You are still connected. This is your purpose. It’s what The Power wants.”

Tina shook her head.

“He’s visiting his parents in Oak Park. From there he will head to a friend’s house, but they aren’t there.”

“I don’t like the sound of that,” said Tina looking at Az through the rearview mirror.

“It’s too late for his friends but you can save him if you hurry. He’s wrapping up now. I can show you the way.”

“Okay but how am I supposed to stop him?”

“Be creative. You’ll figure it out.”

Az vanished, leaving an address on Tina’s GPS that will lead her to Jason’s parents house. But the address vanished and a map of the city with red lines appeared.

“What the…?”

Tina tapped the GPS system, trying to get it to go back to the address.

“It’s too late for that,” said the GPS lady voice, “he has already gone. Follow the instructions on your screen. Hurry. There is not much time. Turn left on Columbia Boulevard.”

Tina rolled her eyes, knowing the voice was really Az. She picked up the phone to send Janiyah a text.

Tina: Not gonna make it in time for dinner. Tell Miss Bernice I’ll pay extra. See you in a bit.


Amy stood by the window of her office and shook her head. Tina had left fifteen minutes ago but was still sitting outside in the car, her hands moving around.

“Hey Fred?”

Freddy packed up his things to go. It was the end of the day and the rest of the staff had just left.

“Come over here a sec.”

Freddy walked over to the window and stood next to Amy, both of them peering out the window through the blinds.

“What’s she doing?” asked Amy, frowning.

Freddy watched in surprise as Tina waved her hands and appeared to be talking. “Is she on the phone?”

Amy turned to face Fred. “Do you see a phone? She’s talking to herself, again!”

Freddy sighed, shaking his head. He didn’t want to believe it was true. He knew she was seeing Erica. He had recommended her after Ronnie’s death. Maybe it was too early for her to be back. Amy turned back to the window.

“Told you,” she said, her arms folded.

Fred walked away from the window and pulled his cell from his pocket. He didn’t care for Amy too much but damn it if she wasn’t right. He put the phone up to his ear as it rang, shaking his head at Amy still peaking through the window. She was so nosy. He turned his back, grabbed his belongings and headed for the door as the line picked up.

“Hey Erica. It’s me. You got some time? There is something I think you should know.”

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Writers Wednesday – Chapter 7: The Women with Blue Eyes

Chapter 7: Angel of Vision

Paschar licked her lips and smoothed out the wrinkles in her dress as she stepped over the body, closing the door behind her. The electricity from his soul caused her entire body to pulsate and the blue in her eyes to shine bright. The fresh human essence had her entire body shaking, like one giant orgasm bursting from every crevice of her body. She wanted to run, jump, leap into the air. Travel the planets and back down again. Her prowess and senses were magnified after each hit. Pas walked with confidence; her head held high as she moved her hips from side to side. Red was her most favorite color to wear with this skin. Something about the hue against this dark body, so different from her real form.

Passerbys, men and women alike, stared. Paschar smiled, they always did. Human’s were fascinated by such blue, crystal pupils against such brown, creamy skin. In real life, Pas thought human bodies were disgusting. She hated the soft, gooeyness of the flesh. How it bruised and bled so easily, how it fell apart and crumbled with each passing day. Pas hated the rotting flesh on bone, but she did come to love dark skin tones. Other pigments didn’t make her heartbeat like melanin. With it, she could extend life in this body and still feel like the angelic entity she was. Every soul she consumed slowed the aging of the body.

Paschar entered El Che Steakhouse and Bar restaurant and followed the ray of blue that led to the booth in the corner where six women with blue eyes sat, smiling and their ethnicities ranged from Korean to European, and from Hispanic to Japanese. None of them were black like her. Only she had the privilege of wearing African skin.

Pas snapped her fingers, causing the patrons to freeze in their places. Forks, spoons, and knives floated in the air, waitresses stopped in mid-step with full trays, children’s smiles were pasted on their faces, and people’s heads were buried in their cell phones.

“Hello, ladies. By the look in your eyes I can tell you’re feeling what I’m feeling,” she smiled, shimming her hips. The women laughed.

“Indeed,” said the Korean woman, slapping high-fives with the woman next to her.

“Don’t get too excited. Az is on our trail.”

The Puerto Rican blew a breath, “Su problema.”

“Pain in my ass,” complained the Japanese woman.

“You need to eat,” continued Pas. “More than usual. Keep your energy up. Men, women. I don’t care what you have to do, eat and live. The stronger the worship, the stronger we are in battle. The more you eat, the stronger you’ll be if something goes down. You need to have these people eating out the palm of your hands.

“Or your ass,” laughed the Japanese one and within seconds Paschar’s hand was wrapped around the woman’s throat and choking her up against the wall. She had just had a hit and her energy was strong. The woman squirmed and squealed as her face contorted, revealing snippets of her true mermaid image.

“You have forgotten what is at stake here,” Pas addressed the table. “There is no redemption for us. Semjaza is gone.” She felt the knot rise in her throat and the tears threaten to spill from her eyes at the mention of her leader. Damn human emotions.

“Arakiba,” she continued, giving the names of their leaders, “…is gone. Rameel, Kokabiel, Baraqijal, Armaros, gone. All of them!” Pas slammed her fist against the table and the women jumped. The Japanese woman continued to squirm as she suffocated up against the wall.

“Two hundred of our brethren fell that day.”

Paschar let the Japanese woman go, her human body falling to the floor, coughing and choking.

Pas walked the length of the restaurant, zooming in and out of focus, floating from one end of the room to the next, the anger in her veins amplified by the energy from her last victim.

“Their eternal souls locked away until their essence burns forever.” Her voice grew deeper, and pink wings grew out of her shoulders. “They failed,” she boomed, her voice like thunder. “We will not fail! Rise sistars. Rise!”

The women stood, their ethnicities changing, disfiguring the human flesh, now like clay, and exposing their true images. No longer were they six beautiful women all ranging in skin tones and race. Now Paschar looked into the face of a mermaid, a fairy, a troll, a white-winged horse, a griffin, and an imp. Paschar looked from one creature to the other and she changed too.

Pas real body was light pink and humanoid, resembling that of a woman from the chest down, her face that of a man. Different shaped circles cover her pink body, entry points to absorb energy. Paschar’s hair is dark pink and her feathered wings are light pink like her skin. Her pupils are tiny slits, like that of a snake, shining blue. Light emanates from her, shining a bright pink glow.

Paschar (pu-shar) is her name, angel of vision, once tasked with guarding the veil between the physical world and the heavens, between consciousness and unconsciousness, between awareness and illusion. She once saw the beauty of visions from the Almighty and projected these into human consciousness. Now, she is limited, capable only of seeing physical beauty, extracting energy from mortal man, and projecting illusions. Her authority was stripped from the heavens and placed on that of the Earth.

Paschar reigned over the creatures before her as if she could control them, but the truth was Pas had no real power and she growled in anger and frustration of her circumstance. The fall had weakened her, weakened them, and now there was no chance at redemption. Yah had forsaken them, cast them aside for pieces of rotting flesh. How dare he cast his own from eternal glory and offer it to the beast that is man? The slits in Paschar’s eyes thinned and the blue rays grew wider, brighter.

“Remember who you are,” she growled. The creatures responded by screeching, singing, growling, and shooting fire from their nostrils.

Pas snapped her fingers and the customers unfroze, the creatures turned back into beautiful women, and Pas skin was no longer pink.

The clinging sound of new patrons entering the restaurant sounded and four black men walked in, their eyes already on their table. The seven women smiled, just as beautiful as they were before, and Paschar smoothed out the wrinkles in her dress, licking her lips and marveling at the brown skin.

She didn’t even have to turn around. She saw them first and her stomach growled.

It was feeding time.

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