Book Review Policy


Welcome Authors!

Since the increase in Book Review Submissions, I’ve decided to update this page.

If you would like me to consider reviewing your book, please register your book through my Book Review Registry HERE and SEND ME CHAPTER ONE OF YOUR BOOK.




Registering your book does not guarantee I will agree to review your book. Registering your book helps to secure your place in line if I decide to read your book and trust me, you want a reserved spot! After registering you will get an email from me on whether or not I have decided to review your book. If you register the book without sending me the first chapter, I will request the chapter before making a decision. An unwillingness to either register or send first Chapters will result in not having the book considered for a review.

Please be as detailed as possible in what your book is about. This helps me to decide if I am comfortable reading and thus reviewing your book.

Please do not email me your book link, cover, and description asking for a review. I will only re-route you to the form. Everyone who would like me to consider reviewing their books MUST register through the form. No exceptions.

Being approved for a book review does not guarantee you a five star review. I take the “honesty” part of the “HONEST review” seriously. If you’re looking for someone to sugar coat what they thought of your book, I am not the reviewer for you.

I rate on the scale of 3-5 only on this blog.

Ratings of 3-5 are also published on Amazon*, and Goodreads. I also tweet the review out.

*I do not give guaranteed glowing 5* reviews. My reviews reflect my honest view of the work. Five stars are thus given for work that genuinely reflect this rating. While only 3-5 star ratings are published to this blog.

My final rating is based on the following system. This is also published on my blog with the review.

Plot Movement / Strength
Entertainment Factor
Authenticity / Believable
Thought Provoking

I will pretty much read any genre but my favorites are Black Literature, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction and General Fiction. I do not currently review the following genres. It is not intended to be discriminatory in any way. Thank you for understanding:

If I accept your book for a review you must also be willing to gift me a copy. I accept Kindle, mobi, and PDF files. I DO NOT accept Word Documents.

(1) Register your book on this form

(2) Await my email

(3) Send me your first chapter

(4) Gift me a copy of the entire book

(5) Please be patient as I read the book. Constantly emailing me won’t make me read any faster.

(6) Reviews of 3-5 will be published on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.


*Exceptions are books that combine fiction and poetry and children’s books because they tend to be poetic in nature.

Please Note: Agreement on my part to review a book does not imply blanket authorization to send me other books in your series or additional books you may have published. Please register your books one book at a time (as I have to read them one at a time).



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