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What is a Book Review?

A book review is a form of literary criticism in which we analyze a book based on content, style, and merit. The review may be a primary source, opinion piece, summary review, or scholarly review. A book review’s length may vary from a single paragraph to a substantial essay but can also be as short as a single sentence.

Book reviews help encourage readers to purchase a book, act as social proof, and increase the book’s visibility.

About Yecheilyah’s Reviews

Yecheilyah’s Book Reviews is a reputable review service that features writers from all over the world, both traditionally and independently published. We are listed on Kindlepreneur as a top-tier book review blog and Reedsy as one of their vetted active book blogs that provide insightful, excellent book reviews.

In short, our reviews are honest and thorough without giving away spoilers.

“It’s not just because she reviewed my novelette, All Good Stories, and gave it 5 stars, I’m writing about her because she gives great (and helpful) reviews. In a market, so full, it’s hard to choose what to read, isn’t it? We really need reviews these days that go beyond the minimalistic, “I liked it,” to know what we’re investing our money in. Because money doesn’t grow on trees. Neither do books anymore, for that matter.”

– Linda G. Hill, Author, All Good Stories.

“Yecheilyah did an amazing job reviewing my self-published book. She was extremely thorough and brought forth all the important elements of the story. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need of a book review.”

John K. McLaughlin, Author, Lifeline to a Soul

How to Apply for Review

1). Email the First 3 Chapters of Your Book.

Please send your chapters to (Do not attach a copy of the full book to the email.)

If you are a children’s book author or have published a poetry collection, send a brief description of your book and the cover instead of chapters.

2). Approval

We will email you back and let you know if we would like to move forward and review your book. Please allow at least 2-3 business days before you hear back from us for your approval status.

3). Pay the Readers Fee

If  we choose to review your book, please click on the link below and pay the $25 fee.

*The reader’s fee does not guarantee a positive review, nor is it payment for an Amazon review, which is against Amazon’s terms of service.*

4). Gift Us a Copy of Your book.

Gift a paperback or e-copy of your book.

Note: I do not accept unsolicited requests for reviews. Do not email me a digital copy of your book if we have not already corresponded through email using the steps mentioned above.

Rating System

I rate on the scale of 3-5 only on this blog. If your review falls below a 3-star rating, I will email you the report and my thoughts privately — only scores of 3-5 qualify for a published feature and spotlight on this blog.

*This rule does not apply to books I read for leisure or on my own time.*

Fiction Books

  • Plot Movement / Strength
  • Entertainment Factor
  • Characterization
  • Authenticity / Believable
  • Thought Provoking


  • Presentation
  • Authenticity /Authentic Voice
  • Creativity/Lyrical Content
  • Thought Provoking

Non-Fiction Books

  • Strong Introduction
  • Authenticity / Believable
  • Organization
  • Thought Provoking
  • Solid Conclusion

Children’s Books

  • Age Appropriate for Content
  • Storyline
  • Illustrations
  • Child Self and Self-Identity
  • Thought Provoking

Five Stars – Amazing, Outstanding

This book was hard to put down and is highly recommended. It was well-written, included fully developed characters who were relatable and realistic, masterful use of language, an engaging plot, and a satisfying ending.

Four Stars – Very Good

This book is delightful and well worth the read. Great story with only minor weaknesses. The author did a wonderful job.

Three Stars – Nice

This book was lovely. The plot was enjoyable, the characters liked, and the writing and storytelling were overall sound. Though there are aspects of the book that could be improved, the story is enjoyable.

My Favorite Genres to Read:

Black History

Fiction (Literary/Historical/General)



Motivational / Inspirational


Turn Around Time

The turnaround time varies and depends on the book’s length, the version of the book (such as a Kindle version or if I have to wait for the paperback in the mail), and how many people are in front of you.

To best calculate a turnaround time, be sure to check out the books in the queue to see how many people are in front of you!

For a list of some of the books reviewed so far, please refer to the directory here.

Next in Queue:

Letting Go of Resentment: 7 Essential Steps to Releasing the Pain of Past Hurts, and Gaining Inner Peace and Emotional Freedom

A Subtle Art to Eliminating Anxiety and Stress from Your Life

In Search of a Salve: Memoir of a Sex Addict

The Abandoned Wives Handbook

Register For 2023

Send Your First 3 Chapters to: for consideration.


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    1. Oh yes. Sorry about that. I am not using the form anymore for the registry. Please follow instructions in the post instead. I’ll go ahead and delete the comments about the form to lessen the confusion.


      1. Thank you. =) I’d be astonished if you were! I really enjoyed your review of the book you posted today about the angel and the little girl musician. It sounds amazing and you did such a great job reviewing it. I’ll put together a note to you as soon as I can but I am booked through mid-August right now and I want to spend some time on your questions. Thanks for your creative idea. I love it and think it’s brilliant. ♥.

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  1. I found you via Reedsy’s list and I love what I’ve seen and read so far. You have given me ideas on how to be more organized as a reviewer myself. Thanks and I’ll be back!

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