Movie Night Friday


Movie Night Friday was a weekly segment of my blog I created to help shine light on some of my favorite movies and why I love them. I withdrew the series from my Friday Night segment and have instead stored it away to its own page. In this way, those of you who are interested can still find it.


MNF: Lean On Me

MNF: A Beautiful Mind

MNF: Boyz In The Hood

MNF: Malcolm X

MNF: Coming to America

MNF: The Great Debaters

MNF: The Day After Tomorrow

MNF: Harlem Nights

MNF: Hancock- Fallen Angels and Nephilim

MNF: Soul Food

MNF: Brown Sugar

MNF: Imitation of Life

MNF: MAAFA: Genocide in 21st Century America

MNF: The Best Man

MNF: After Earth

MNF TV Show Edition: Underground

MNF: Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit