Yecheilyah’s 3rd Annual Poetry Contest Winners

*Chanelle Barnes*

#1 for “Straight Lines”

Chanelle’s passion for writing poetry stemmed from an early obsession with song lyrics, reading and discovering the benefits of journaling. Inspired by poet/songwriters such as Jim Morrison, Jewel and Ani DiFranco, she began to find her voice, which has evolved immensely throughout her life experiences.

Over the years, she has shared her work via several blog names and has experimented with the art of spoken word. At times, she’s veered away from writing a bit to work on other creative endeavors but poetry has always been a staple and a place of healing.

More recently, she has moved her focus and research towards storytelling and activism through elements of performance and slam poetry. With this new venture, she hopes that others can relate to her stories and be inspired to start writing and sharing their own.

Instagram: @redredclover

Author Spotlight and Interview:

Buddah Desmond for “Claiming Victory”

Copyright© 2019 BuddahDesmond

BuddahDesmond (aka BDez) is a writer, poet, singer, artist, cook/baker, and health and wellness coach based in Washington, DC Metro area. His work showcases the gritty side of life and imbues messages of healing, hope, and resilience. His writing has appeared in numerous publications including MOOV, MUSED, and MelaNation. His poetry projects include: Prevail: Poems on Life, Love, and Politics (2012) and Exotic Shifter (2014). He’s currently a healing leader in the DC-based arts+faith+social justice organization, The Sanctuaries. His next two projects, tentatively titled From The Inside Out and Everything I Miss At Home, are currently in-progress.



Author Spotlight and Interview:

Jahkazia Richardson for “Aya”

Copyright©2019. Jahkazia Richardson

Jahkazia (Jah-kay-asia which translates to Goddess of the land) is not just a returning poet but she’s our 2018 Champion! She shocked us all by submitting her poem minutes before the deadline and winning it all with “What if I Knew My Worth,” which you can read by clicking here and picking up a copy of the 1st Edition 2018 Lit Mag Magazine.

Richardson is an actor and poet. She is currently studying Social Work at North Carolina Central University. She appreciates going to live shows in the area as well as trying different recipes from all over the world. Currently, she is a preschool teacher where she teaches them how to play unapologically. Her poem “Aya,” is a powerful piece about wrongful convictions which we know is at the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement to date in the Black community.

Instagram: @chamelaninaire 

Facebook: Jahkazia Richardson

Poet Spotlight:

Kiyana Blount for “Lioness Strength”

Copyright ©2019. Kiyana Blount.

Kiyana Blount is not new to the spotlight. She’s a returning winner, placing fourth in Yecheilyah’s 2nd Annual Poetry Contest 2018.

Blount is a hard working, dedicated and strong single mother who is on a journey of living through self love, self awareness and true divinity. She is seeking her true purpose and living it to make an impact on the world.

Instagram: @kueen7

Facebook: Kiyana Blount


Poet Spotlight:

Dondi Springer for “Look Within”

Copyright©2019. Dondi Springer

Dondi A Springer is a happily married man and has been writing for a lifetime. Springer has had poems published by the National Library of Poetry and is working hard on several projects. At 43-years-young he never took writing seriously until his wife told him he should do something with it. “I was mostly inspired by the strength of my mother,” he says, “and also my own life experiences. As a champion of the underdogs, I strive to constantly grow, and show that through personal growth anything is possible.”

Instagram: @napalmjax

Facebook: @DSpringer76

Twitter: @MrSpringer76

Poet Spotlight:


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