Yecheilyah’s 1st Annual Poetry Contest Winners


#1 for “Zora Neale Hurston”

Copyright©2017. Merril D. Smith

My name is Merril D. Smith. I live in National Park, NJ, which is a small borough right across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. I’m an independent scholar with a Ph.D. in American history, but my blog is mostly a poetry blog. Poetry is my creative outlet, though it is something I’ve come to only within the past few years. Perhaps I needed some life experience and time to reflect, but now my muse says, “write poetry.”

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Twitter: @merril_mds

Instagram: mdsmithnj

Poet Spotlight:

JauNelle Hugee for “My Brooklyn Song” (Where I Left My Heart)

Copyright©2017. Jau’Nelle Hugee

My name is Jau’Nelle from DC. I have just gotten back into embracing my love and a sense of purpose with writing, but up until now, I’ve been elaborating on other creative mediums. I am a highly sought after innovative and creative speaker for teens in the DC area. I am also a reading tutor and enrichment teacher focusing on ceramics, glass fusion, and even handmade all-natural body butters!

If you would like to reach out to JauNell or see more of her writing, you can reach her at her email:jhugee8@gmail.comor by her Facebook handle

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