The Women with Blue Eyes

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When Tina’s nephew Ronnie died, it traumatized her. It wasn’t just that he died. It was the way he died. After taking custody of Ronnie’s sisters and brother, Tina experienced supernatural phenomenons that eventually led to therapy and hallucinogenic suppressants. This didn’t help.

She meets Azbuga, an Archangel sent to tie the missing pieces together, still connecting her to Ronnie’s death.

Paschar is the angel of vision. She once saw the beauty of visions from the Almighty and projected these into human consciousness. Now, she is limited, capable only of seeing physical beauty, extracting energy from mortal man, and projecting illusions.

Paschar has fallen, and in a jealous rage, she attacks black men for their power. How dare he choose them over her?

Can Tina, Jason, and Az defeat Paschar and her legion once and for all? More black men are dying, and you can’t fight spiritual warfare with physical weapons.


Note: The Women with Blue Eyes is a Rated-R Fantasy series. You should know there is some profanity for those sensitive to cursing, and adult language.

Part I

Chapter One:  

New Beginnings?”

Chapter Two:


Chapter Three

They Are Back”

Chapter Four

I’m Not Crazy”

Chapter Five

The Mission”

Chapter Six 

Jason Who?”

Chapter Seven

Angel of Vision”

Chapter Eight

Something You Should Know”

Chapter Nine

Car Accident”

Chapter Ten

The El Che Steakhouse Murders”

Chapter Eleven

She’s Involved”

Chapter Twelve

My Brother’s Keeper”

Chapter Thirteen

“A Sixth Sense”

Chapter Fourteen

” I, Spy”

Chapter Fifteen

“The Door”

Chapter Sixteen

“Something’s Not Right”

Chapter Seventeen

“Altgeld Projects”

Chapter Eighteen