Black History Fun Fact Friday

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Black History Fun Fact Friday was an extra element of The PBS Blog that first began as a desire to highlight certain aspects of black history per Black History Month three years ago (2015). I discontinued the series for my inability to keep up with it and, therefore, stay consistent. Though publishing one post every week, this segment takes up a lot of time as it requires lots of research (sometimes requiring me to read whole books first and double-check facts.) To make a long story short, I couldn’t produce articles on a consistent and weekly basis. As a result, I created this page to help those new to this blog to stay updated on all the Black History posts from that time.

As of Friday, October 28, 2016, I re-launched Black History Fun Fact Friday, which now includes a new badge:

I will continue in the same way as before. Black History articles covering a wide range of historical facts (to include black biblical history) will be published to this blog every Friday or every other Friday, and the links will appear here so you can always come back and reference them. Below are the articles I wrote so far going back to 2015. The most recent articles are at the top.


Week #70: Dr. George Cleveland Hall

Week #69: Cane River National Historical Park – Oakland Plantation

Week #68: To Shoot Hard Labour

Week #67: “Drapetomania”

Week #66: Marital Relationships During Slavery

Week #67: Behind the Original “Friends”

Week #68: Benjamin Banneker: Time Well Spent

Week #69: Beyond Selma: The Civil Rights Movement in Jacksonville, FL

Week #70: The Short Family

Week #71: Anna M. Mangin

Week #72: Madison Washington

Week #73: Slave Patrols – A Brief History of American Policing

Week #74: To Shoot Hard Labour: The Life and Times of Samuel Smith, an Antiguan Workingman 1877-1982

Week #75: Eight Black Communities that Prospered


Week #55: The 400th Year

Week #56: Phillip L. Downing and the First Mailbox

Week #57: Research Links and Book Recommendations

Week #58: Esther Georgia Irving Cooper

Week #59: 3 Little Known Fun Facts about Dr. King

Week #60: The Truth about Uncle Tom

Week #61: The End of Enslavement and Reconstruction

Week #62: Mathieu de Costa

Week #63: The Inspiration of Alex Haley’s Roots

Week #64: “In Africa they Didn’t Teach About the Enslavement of Our People”

Week #65: What Hollywood Left out the Harriet Movie


Week 37: How I Almost Learned an “African” Language

Week 39: Selma Burke

Week #40: Willie James Howard

Week #41: The Community of Africa Town

Week #42: Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner

Week #43: Dr. Sonnie Wellington Hereford III

Week #44: William Monroe Trotter

Week #45: Anna Murray Douglas

Week #46: Black Wall Street and the Power of Community

Week #47: The Atlanta Child Murders

Week #48: Juneteenth

Week #49: James Shober

Week #50: Lessons from Spike Lee’s Blackkklansman

Week #51: Georgia’s School-Prison for Black Boys

Week: 52: Dr. Joseph N. Jackson

Week #53: The Short Violent Life of Robert ‘Yummy’ Sandifer: So Young to Kill, So Young to Die

Week #54: Benjamin Montgomery and a Word of Caution on Black History Memes


Week 18: 5 Harlem Renaissance Women You Probably Don’t Know

Week 19: The Soto Brothers

Week 20: The Origins of Black History Month

Week 21: The First Black Public School

Week 22: The Attica Massacre

Week 23: Mostafa Hefny

Week 24: Twins or Nay?

Week 25: Black Land Ownership

Week 26: Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller

Week 27: Seneca Village


Week 29: Mary Seacole

Week 30: Sundown Towns 

Week 31: Inventors / Inventions

Week 32: Capturing the Good in Harlem

Week 33: Nora Holt 

Week 34: Historic Rivals: W.E.B. Dubois vs. Booker T. Washington

Week 35: A Brief History of Race Riots in America

Week 36: Eugenics and The Caged Man


Week 11: The Fultz Sisters

Week 12: Sarah Rector

Week 13: Jan Matzeliger

Week 14: 3 Facts You Should Know about the Black Panthers

Week 15: Free Frank

Week 16: The Chicago Black Renaissance

Week 17: The Inspiration Behind Renaissance: The Nora White Story


Week 1: Ray Charles

Week 2: Hair Story

Week 3: Panther, 1995

Week 4:: Convict Leasing

Week 5: Negro Spirituals

Week 6: Medical Apartheid

Week 7: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Week 8: Timbuktu

Week 9: Inventors

Week 10: Jazz (and the introduction of the new badge!)

Also check out the Lost to History – Unfamiliar Faces Series!

More Articles coming

Lost to History – Unfamiliar Faces: Before Parks

Lost to History – Unfamiliar Faces

Lost to History – Unfamiliar Faces: Francis E.W. Harper

Lost to History: Afro Puerto-Ricans, Cubans, Jamaicans, Haitians

Lost to History  Unfamiliar Faces: Latasha Harlins and Deadwyler

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  1. Oh, definitely continue this feature! Please do consider adding more facts about the history of the African diaspora as well as African-American history.

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