Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Sean Mungin

Today I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Sean Mungin. Welcome to The PBS Blog! Let’s get started.

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Sean Mungin and I live in Los Angeles, California.

I always wanted to visit Cali. What would your perfect writing / reading room look like?

My perfect writing/reading room would have bookshelves (filled with books, of course) covering every wall (except for the window and sitting area) from the ceiling to the floor. It would have soft music and sounds of water running in the background. It would have a comfortable sitting area next to the window.

I love that sound of water, I imagine that would be peaceful. What job do you think you’d be really good at?

I think I would probably be a pretty good counselor. I have always been the person that others would come to talk through their problems. I think the most memorable moment was when I was in high school; a married co-worker of mine came to me and began sharing issues she was having within her marriage. I do not remember what I actually said to her, but I do remember that she returned to me and thanking me because whatever I said to her worked.

That’s what’s up. Speaking of being good at things, what was your childhood dream?

My childhood dream was to be a musician. I have always had an ear for music. I once asked my mother for music lessons, but we were not in a position financially for me to ever begin them.

Cool. Do you play any instruments?

I play around with the keyboard and was teaching myself to play guitar until I broke a finger on my right hand.

Aww. Boo. Speaking of childhood, any siblings?

I have five siblings. Two older brothers, an older sister, and two younger sisters.

What’s your favorite drink?

My favorite drink is coffee. I love to try different blends from around the world. The smell is intoxicating. The taste is awesome. Dark, bold roasts…of course.

A coffee drinker, yaass. What state or country do you never want to go back to?

I never wanted to come back to California, but it is amazing how my life has come full circle and I am right back here in the Greater Los Angeles area again 20 years later.

The Thorn in the Flesh is available now on Amazon.

Lol. Let’s switch it up a bit. Does blogging help you to write?

Blogging has helped me write in a major way. I have always loved to write. It helps me to process my thoughts and life experiences. However, because becoming a successful blogger and growing a larger reading audience requires consistency, it also requires that I pay close attention to the content and the reading patterns of my audience. As we try to interpret the data from our sites, we have to tailor everything towards the things that work and make the necessary adjustments on the things that have not worked.

True. Sean, what’s your favorite food?

I am not certain that I have a favorite food. I like to try different dishes at least once.

C’mon Sean. I know you have a favorite food! If all the food in the world no longer existed and you had to eat one meal every day, what would it be?

If I were in that situation, I would have to choose an egg and cheese sandwich. I can eat breakfast any time of the day.

Nice. I love eggs. Well, except for…anyway. Let’s move on. What’s your favorite color?

I have four favorite colors: white, black, blue, and olive green. I am not certain if white and black qualifies though, but I like them anyway.

Ha! Your one of those “black and white aren’t colors” kinda guy huh? Lol. Who is your favorite writer?

I think it would be blasphemous for me to say that I do not have a favorite writer, but it is true. I like to read across different genres and I believe that my writing has been influenced by each in their own respective ways.

Nice. You said you wanted to be a musician, what kind of music do you like?

I like to listen to Christian, classical and soft instrumental music.

Let’s go back to writing, when did you publish your first book? What was that like?

I published my first book back in 2003, I think. It felt like a great accomplishment. But, as I have matured in my thinking about life, I think I would do a complete overhaul of the work to include my current perspective on things. Back then, I was really just venturing out for the first time in this capacity, so I am certain that there were a lot of errors in need of major editorial assistance.

I feel you. I felt the same way about my first work. Although my baby, I have since pulled it from shelves for that reason. What do you wish you knew more about?

I wish I knew more about public policy. I, for some reason, am in love with policy.

Interesting. What do you think of the world we live in?

I think, at some point, we all have lost our way. Everything has become focused on global competition instead of what is in the best interest of the global community.

What are your thoughts on Race?

Contrary to the beliefs of many, I believe race is still an issue. It has an undeniable presence within our society. I believe that it has become more overt within the past 14 – 15 months. Maybe that was needed to force others to acknowledge its existence. We cannot address something if others are unwilling to meet us at the table to discuss how to best remedy this problem.

What is the most thought provoking book you’ve ever read?

The Bible.

Yasss! What’s your favorite scripture or book?

I love the entire Bible. If I had to choose my favorite books, they would be everything written by Paul. My favorite verse is John 15:5. That verse keeps me grounded.

Powerful verse. What’s the most difficult thing about being a writer? The most exciting thing?

The most difficult thing about being a writer is overcoming writer’s block. One day, things may flow more fluidly than on others. At this point, you are at the mercy of the process. In a world where there is so many negative events taking place, it is sometimes difficult to be inspired.

The most exciting thing is the finished product. The sense of accomplishment is a big deal to any writer, I would imagine.


Thank you Sean for spending this time with us. We enjoyed you!

Copyright©Sean Mungin. Photo used with permission.

Sean Mungin is a public figure who has embodied the spirit of individual and corporate success. Sean graduated from Lee University in 2005 with a Bachelors in Theology. He also earned a Masters in Psychology from the University of Phoenix in 2010. He also completed the Masters in Religious Education program from the Mason Kelly Washington Religious Training in Long Island, NY.

Sean’s current positions as an administrator and minister align him with his previous positions as an individual genuinely concerned about the holistic well-being (spiritual, mental, physical, and socio-economical) of all people. His most recent accomplishment was becoming a Certified Writer/Editor for the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors. Sean is currently working on focusing on developing and implementing several entrepreneurial projects. His goal is to create multiple opportunities for a higher quality of living for all within his area of influence.

Sean’s is known for his favorite motto, “Love God…love people…love yourself”

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Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Colin Guest

Welcome back to Introduce Yourself, a new and exciting blog segment of The PBS Blog dedicated to introducing to you new and established authors and their books.

Today I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Colin Guest. Welcome to The PBS Blog! Let’s get started.

What is your name and where are you from? 

Colin Guest, from England.

What would your perfect writing / reading room look like?

I like writing while sitting on the sofa, which I find less stressful than at my computer desk.

I feel you. I love the big comfy couch in my reading room. What is the most annoying habit that you have?

Being sarcastic.

Lol. Are you employed outside of writing?


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What job do you think you’d be really good at?

Working at a Wild Animal Rescue/Rehabilitation Center.

Aww. I love animals. I really really want a dog. Do you have a dog? Any animals?

Until moving to Istanbul when I married age 72, I have had several dogs, and three parrots. As dogs are not allowed in apartments here in Istanbul, I had to leave my dog Oscar with a friend back in Kemer, nr Antalya, where I used to live. I see him each time I go down there, and pay his vet bills.  I have adopted a Tiger named Jasper from Care For the Wild/ Born Free for the past ten years, with my wife and I having a cat here in Istanbul.

A Tiger? Wow! What skill would you like to master?


There are so many aspects, right? What skill do you think you’ve mastered?

Quality control of inter fit-outs to high-class projects.

Cool. In your own words, what is love?

Love is something you feel when you meet that someone special in your life.

Awwue. I’m definitely feeling the love up in here! If you had unlimited funds to build a house that you would live in for the rest of your life, what would the finished house be like?


I know that’s right. Gonna get a little personal here, what’s your favorite drink?

Vodka Tonic.

Alright now! I’m scared of you.  Now, blogging, does it help you to write?

I like to think so.

What’s your favorite color?


Who is your favorite writer? 

Le Child.

What kind of music do you like?

Many, but I like Jazz.

Ohh me too! Give me a glass of wine with some Jazz in the background and I am good. Now, inquiring minds wanna know, when did you publish your first book? What was that like?

  1. It was a great experience.


Who is your best friend?

My wife.

Awwuee! Tissue! How long have you been married?

4 years on 29th March.

Happy anniversary! Do you have children?


What takes up too much of your time?

Writing and spending time with my wife.

Lol! Wait, how you gonna butter her all up like that then come back with this. I hope you not sleeping on the couch tonight Mr. Spending time with your wife, sheesh.

What do you wish you knew more about?

Writing and good books.

What small things makes your life easier? What makes it difficult?

Being able to phone and have meals delivered to the house. The over-crowded roads.

I feel you. Home delivered meals sounds nice. Colin, are you a political man?

Not really, but I am more of a Conservative.

What’s the most difficult thing about being a writer? The most exciting thing?

Getting publicity for what I write. Satisfaction on completing, having it edited and publishing my books.

Why is writing important to you?

By writing, it gives me satisfaction that others might learn something by reading my books.

I love it. What do you love about yourself?

My understanding of what’s what.

What don’t you like about yourself?

I get angry about the lack of thought by others.

Lol. Whew, Colin you’re something else. What genre do you write in?

Fiction & Non-fiction.

In your own words, what is truth?

Truth is what too many people and politicians don’t know the meaning of. You cannot trust a liar.

I know that’s right.

Thank you, Colin, for spending time with us today, we enjoyed you!

Colin Guest, a retired Englishman, is married and living in Istanbul Turkey. Colin has written three books: An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey, Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps, sub-titled the Adventurous Life of an Expat, a memoir and Terror Holiday. He is presently working on a short fiction book and a romantic novel.

Colin also enjoys writing poetry, with several of his poems doing well in contests. As a result of one poem read out at a festival, he was so taken by the reader that he is now working on preparing an audio version of his memoir.

When Colin has the time, he enjoys reading books by Le child, Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler and Eric Ludlum.

You can find out more about Colin at and htps:// and the other  links below! Go show him some love.

Twitter: @TigermanGuest

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Yecheilyah YsrayMy name is Yecheilyah, pronounced e-see-lee-yah but everyone calls me EC for short. I grew up on Chicago’s south side in the Robert Taylor Projects and everywhere else in-between. As a family who struggled and moved around a lot I’ve seen everything from crack addicts, drug dealers, and homeless shelters all before age ten.

I’ve always been in love with writing and I was reading before Kindle made it cool. I decided to make up stories of my own at 12 years old which is also when I got into poetry. I fell in love with poetry! But so as not to make writing jealous, I split my time between writing short stories and poetry.

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Guest Bloggers Wanted!


In honor of my first year completion (8-18-15) I have decided to implement Guest Bloggers this year for the days where I will be off. I wanted to wait until I had been blogging for at least a year to do this and now that I have, I’m ready.

To volunteer to Guest Post here please Visit the new GUEST BLOGGER page. I travel often and I would really like to have Weekend Guest Bloggers (Sat and Sun) and also Guest Bloggers for when I need to be away for longer than a week. My immediate need is Weekend Guest Bloggers, someone to fill in with exciting posts from week to week on The PBS Blog. I plan to start scheduling them within the next couple months so feedback is needed if you want to participate. I don’t have a 50,000 follower blog but some exposure is better than none for those wishing to promote their writing for free. Plus I think my followers would appreciate the variety.

I appreciate any re-blogs of this post:

  • Must be at least 18 Years or Older
  • Must not use extremely vulgar language or nude images
  • Must have the post submitted to me no later than 8:00p CST the Thursday of the week you are to guest post. If I choose you for a Weekend Blogger your post must be into me by 8pm every Thursday.
  • Must include attachments of any images you want me to include in the post in your response email.
  • Suggested length: Anywhere between 100-1000 words (Please try to keep from writing extremely long posts)
  • The article must be your own work. Do not copy and paste work from other sites.
  • Multimedia: images, podcasts, and videos are welcome
  • A short bio and photo of yourself can be included at the end of your post. You may include a link to your own website

Comment Moderation:

By default, blog postings are set to allow comments from readers. I always try to respond to every comment but I will not comment on a post you wrote. Please respond to comments made on your own blog posts. The idea is to keep in context with how I run my blog. If I respond to comments, I expect you to as well. Always respond positively and professionally :).

That’s it! Thank you for your time. Yall be great.

The Crick

Short, sweet, and to the point. Love the message Van. 🙂


It was the forbidden place. A small creek at the end of our unpaved alley.

Filled with all sorts of dangers, it was our second home. The parents might have known about it, and looked the other way.

There was a primitive tree house, a rope swing, a log bridge over the water. tree-house-rope-swing

There were also small snakes, frogs, biting insects of all kinds, and as we learned a bit too late, poison ivy.

All that aside, it was paradise, our everyday summer destination.

The pictures shown here are very similar, but not the real thing. It did not exist, so how could there be actual photos?

It was not gender-specific, it could never be. There were too many alpha females in the hood.

There were no passwords, no secret handshakes, no rules. If you and your friends got there first, it was yours, at least for an hour or…

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Guest Feature Poets


One of the features we have added to The PBS Blog’s list of reading material is our Guest Feature section. In this section, we strive to deliver quality poems or articles, usually written by an author outside of PBS, for your enjoyment. We would like to cover so many different topics but we can’t do it without your help. After all, who better to get your message out there but you? So, we are opening up to allow some of you to Submit a Poem of any subject to The PBS Blog to be posted in our Guest Feature section. This is not the same as a Guest blogger because you will not have access to this site. You will not be given a key in which to go into the inner rooms at this time, but I will be posting your poem to The PBS Blog for you. I will not edit your work and a link back to your blog (if you have one) will accompany your poem (further details are below). I have to make it clear that I do not have millions of followers. You will not be exposed to a grand audience and you will not be compensated for services rendered. However, you will get the opportunity to have your work exposed to some new faces and may even be able to make some new connections. I am also aware that there are many new bloggers in the blogosphere (like some of you just started yesterday, congrats! btw). If you are among one of these, this exercise is for you. I have seen an enormous increase in the follower or traffic or however you track your blog’s success, to someone’s blog when they were either featured or re blogged by someone else. That’s because in this vast techno-world, it’s not always easy to see everyone. Sure, your blog can be great, but it can also get lost in the clutter. So the re-blogs help to greatly generate attention to who you are. The Guest Blogs and Features do the same. So, for those of you who are still looking to do some connections and increase traffic to your blog, this is for you.  One  of the many purposes for this blog is inspiration. I enjoy inspiring and motivating people by way of poetry. I love being able to write about things that others can relate to, so being able to relate to others will be a key factor in the Guest Features I choose.

I will begin posting the Guest Features as soon as you can get them to me, but I will also like to space them out so if you don’t see your poem posted immediately it’ll probably post the next day (Poems are posted in the order to which they are received). Below is a basic guideline to follow:

– Only Poetry submissions are accepted at this time, Guest Featured Articles from Bloggers is coming soon.

– Poems can cover a variety of topics, except for these no no’s: 1. I will not accept material with an obscene use of profanity (guest or no guest,  this blog is after all a reflection of me and that’s just not the kind of language I use)  2. religious agendas (this is not to say you can’t submit a poem with spiritualism, but please don’t send in a poem about how Jesus is Lord and that we all need to accept him as our personal lord and savior) 3.  and poems that are just outright disrespectful (no example needed)

The idea is to try to relate to people across the board so try to be relatable. You have your own blog in which to push your own agendas.

– I will NEVER edit your post. All submissions will be posted AS IS.

– I will NEVER take credit for your work. All submissions include your first and last name along with any other credentials you’d like to send, such as: blog address, copyright information, etc. If you only send in your first and last name, this is what will accompany your post

– Limited promotions only. Please don’t send us a book about how great your business or talent is. Keep in mind that you are a guest in someone else’s home.

– If you’re familiar with The PBS Blog you know we like to use big colorful images to compliment each post. While images are not always used, if you would like to use them, please include them attached to your e-mail. I will arrange them in your post so that it looks nice (see posts for an idea). If no picture is attached to your e-mail we will not add pictures.

– If you’re a blogger, we encourage you to respond to the corresponding comments following your Guest Feature. If you are not a blogger, The PBS Blog will kindly thank those who comment on your poem. We can add an e-mail address or your personal website too if you include it in the e-mail. It’s up to you.

– You will know if I am interested in posting your poem simply because I will respond to your e-mail. Please give at least 1-2 business days before slamming your computer into the wall because you have not heard back from me. Bloggers actually have lives outside of cyber space, so give it a day or two.

That’s it, see ya soon 🙂

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