Meet Guest Author Yecheilyah Ysrayl – Author, Poet, Blogger…

Check out my Guest Post with The Story Reading Ape. And I thought it was scheduled for tomorrow night! Lol. Time zones…

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Primarily, I’d like to thank The Story Reading Ape for this opportunity. I’ve never known an Ape who could read before so this is exciting.

Yecheilyah YsrayMy name is Yecheilyah, pronounced e-see-lee-yah but everyone calls me EC for short. I grew up on Chicago’s south side in the Robert Taylor Projects and everywhere else in-between. As a family who struggled and moved around a lot I’ve seen everything from crack addicts, drug dealers, and homeless shelters all before age ten.

I’ve always been in love with writing and I was reading before Kindle made it cool. I decided to make up stories of my own at 12 years old which is also when I got into poetry. I fell in love with poetry! But so as not to make writing jealous, I split my time between writing short stories and poetry.

I suppose what nurtured my love for writing is keeping…

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Interracial Blog Feature Update: Schedules


OK, whew. So, I still have minor touch ups to do but I finally have the interviews together and have decided on dates for this series. I am so excited about those who volunteered to participate; your answers blew me away! Ya’ll are not ready for what these wonderful ladies have to tell.

I like to keep things fresh and exciting so I have decided not to post an interview every day. But this feature will run instead once a week (Thursday) for the last four weeks of October:

October 8th – Misty Thomas
October 15th – Lisa W. Tetting
October 22nd – Allison Wells
October 29th – Wrap Up and Surprise
Post Time: 8:00a CST

file(7)Because of the nature of this series, it was easy to pre-judge my intentions. However, those who participated didn’t do that and instead showed great respect for this project and we all learned something in the process. For this reason, I have a great surprise for them at the conclusion of this series. That’s right; you have to wait allll the way until the 29th of next month, but I will say that it is worth the wait. It will be my token of appreciation for sharing a part of yourself with me because you didn’t have to do it.

file(8)    Until next time. Yall be great.