New Release: Renaissance: The Nora White Story (Book One) by Yecheilyah Ysrayl…

Reminder: Launch day is approaching. It’s already Thurs. in the UK. The eBook price of Renaissance goes up on Sat. 7/15 (12:00a CST). If you are going to be reading on your e-reader, preorder it now before launch day when the price goes up.

7 Author Ideas for an Amazing Live Book Launch

Helpful Tips. Post Quote: “Launching a book is a big deal, especially if you are a new author. And eBooks are the readers’ choice of today, so you must make sure that the launch goes successfully. Hopefully, using these tips will help turn your eBook’s live launch into a huge success!”

Nicholas C. Rossis

Mary Kleim | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksThis is a guest post by Mary Kleim, who works in the digital sphere. She is also a guest blogger who shares her online marketing experience on sites dedicated to creativity, self-development, writing, and digital marketing. Connect with Mary on LinkedIn.

I particularly like how she combines an online launch with a real-world event – something you don’t read about too often.

7 Author Ideas for an Amazing Live Book Launch

Kindle | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksWhen you are about to release your writing into the world, you want to attract as big an audience as you can. But how can one prepare for an eBook launch and turn it into a success? One idea is to combine both a real-world event and an online one by inviting people to a venue such as a library or a bookshop on the day of the launch.

Having a good strategy can help you prepare…

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99 Cents to Help Me Launch!


Help Me Launch for just 99 cents! Pre-Order Stella Book #3 on Kindle before the price goes up! You have until Wednesday, February 24th. Your downloads will help me to move up in rank. I’m trying to make the top 100 before Launch Day!


(Don’t look at me like that, yes I said Top 100. I believe in setting reasonable goals. Gotta crawl before you walk!)

As of today, Friday, February 12, 2016, there is exactly 2 weeks left before The Stella Trilogy is complete. The early reviews are vitally important to authors like myself and your support is greatly appreciated. While you can’t leave a review now, here’s what you can do to help spread the word about this book:


Just spread the word! (you were waiting on something fancy huh? lol hee hee). Let your friends know they can download Stella Book #3 for $0.99! They will have from now until Wednesday, February 24th  to pre-order the Kindle Edition at this price. Don’t have books 1 & 2? Don’t worry! Request the first two books in the series free in exchange for an honest review.

Released Today! “A Tale of Three Cities” by Alexander McCabe

You may remember the review I did for Mr. McCabe about a week ago. As a reminder, it releases today. Please find the links below:


Amazon UK –
Amazon US –
Smashwords –
Barnes and Noble –
Kobo –

He is also holding a raffle copter competition to win one of 2 signed paperbacks or 3 ebook copies:

I’m sure McCabe will appreciate your support. Indie Authors are Awesome!

This Summer…

Go “Beyond The Colored Line” (a short story)


A Short Story, coming August, 2015: Available in Print, Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and the Apple iBookstore. Visit my author website to see the Book Trailer or to learn more and to Sign-Up for the Newsletter. More information about the pending launch campaign, to include contests and free promotional products, will be available soon.And thanks so much for your support.

Beyond The Colored Line – Book Trailer Release

So, as many of you are already aware, I am preparing to release a Short Story titled “Beyond The Colored Line” this summer. As May crawls to an end, and we enter what we like to refer to as the official month of summer, my manuscript is finally in the hands of my editor. Meanwhile, while Stella gets a make-over, I will be busy promoting her grand arrival. So without further procrastination, below is the final release of the Book Trailer. Just click the Lights Camera, Action image to be taken to my author website to view the video.


Thank you for your support!

Stella: Book #1

Born: 1845
Owner: Paul Saddler
ID: 637
Name: Stella
Height: 44.0
Sex / Age: Girl, 6

Mama says my feet ain’t little girls feet. Say I shouldn’t be akin like no boy. But I likes running and the way my toes feel wiggling through the mud. I likes the gooey wetness, even the way the red dirt taste too. And I watch the little dusty balls go up in the air and cover up the cotton I was too short to reach anyways. So’s I likes running through the fields to see how high I’s get. One time I’s made it wheres I touched the sun. It wasn’t even hot either. It didn’t feel like nothing but air. I told mama the sun was tricking us.

“And how it do that?”

“Cuz mama, I touched it and it ain’t burn my finger none. It feels hot but it ain’ts really.”

Mama laughed but that’s only cuz she ain’t touched it. And the next day all of us had sticky skin, peeling and sweaty like creepy crawlers running down our backs and foreheads. The grown people say something bout a heat wave, but yesterday mama laughs so’s I know’d it was jest the sun.

Stella Mae, Age: 19

Words can’t explain my excitement. For the first time since befoe Mama died I was actually happy to finish the last of the chores. I think even Ole Marse Saddler noticed it. He commanded me to wipe that ugly smile offa my face. Said nobody’s ugly as me deserved to smile, but I didn’t care none. I’s jest couldn’t stop feelin good. I was ‘bout to leave this place.

– Stella

Available 2/24/15 @ $7.00

Stella never did leave the Saddler Plantation as she intended. Find out why in Book #1 of this short story and discover what’s really between slavery and freedom.

Book #1 Available in print February 24, 2015.