New Release – Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas (Book One) by Sojourner McConnell

I am honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to a new author. She asked me if I could help her to promote her new release and of course, I am always willing to help. That said, you don’t know Sojourner yet but you will! She will be interviewed on this blog next month. Until then, she has a new release! Whoop!

First, let’s get to know Sojourner a bit:

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Sojourner McConnell lives in Winchester, Kentucky with one of her daughters and three of her thirteen grandchildren. She has six grandchildren in Alabama and four that live in Michigan. With all those children and grandchildren, she has crafted her storytelling skills. Sojourner’s new book is a children’s chapter book, Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas which is available on Amazon now.

Her next book, Blip, is a Sci-Fi book with humor and intrigue and is due out by December 2017. The Path of the Child, The Power of Forgiveness, and 31 Days of October are also available in paperback and in eBook format on Amazon and other retailers. Sojourner brings a taste of strong personalities with a healthy dose of southern charm to her characters.

“You know what really grinds my gears? When Sojourner is on the computer ALL day.” – Beau

When not writing, she is busy entertaining her Australian Shepherd, Beau. Unfortunately, Beau tends to get jealous when she spends too much time working on the computer.

OK already, that’s enough. We don’t wanna give away too much of the goods before the interview! Now, about the book!

Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas?

(The Dolcey Series Book 1)


When the wind brings the cries of children to her ears, Dolcey is spurred into action. Comforting and aiding children in need are her main focus. Welcome to Dolcey’s world. Welcome to a world of magic and endless possibilities. When Emily has a big problem, her family tries to help, but some problems need something special to make things right. Just when it seemed she was destined to be doomed, she discovers an unexpected savior- a magical cat that will lead her on a spectacular spectacle of an adventure like no other!

You Can Get Your Copy of Who’s That in the Cat Pajamas? Here!

(you know you want to. You’re asking yourself, “Wait, who is that in the cat pajamas? WHY are they wearing cat pajamas??)

…and Sojourner will see you again next month!

Note: I was not paid in the promotion of this book. 

Yecheilyah’s Book Reviews – Beautiful Boy and Beautiful Girl by Jenita Hunt

Title: Beautiful Boy, Beautiful Girl

Author: Jenita Hunt

Print Length: 22 pages

Publisher: J L Hunt; 1 edition (March 23, 2016)

Publication Date: March 23, 2016

Language: English


Beautiful Boy and Beautiful Girl are two concise picture books for children. Simple, fun, and rhythmic, these books are great as goodnight stories or quick reads for your little ones. Incorporating everything a child enjoys, colors, pictures, and rhyme, will encourage them to look at their world in a positive light.

The Author, Jenita, has always had a heart for children and writing. She has worked several years caring for children as a Professional Nanny and has been honing her writing craft over the years.

After around four years of teaching creative writing as a part of Louisiana’s In-Home School program, I helped operate a research and fellowship center in Shreveport for another five years while also working with children and teaching. Having spent time around children and working with them, I appreciated taking a break from reading novels to focus on something straightforward. I found these books to be a breath of fresh air. I realized I was grinning as I read each of them. In the future, I’d like to see more work by J.L. Hunt.


Entertainment Factor: 5/5

Authenticity / Believable: 5/5

Thought Provoking: 4/5

Overall Rating: 5 / 5

Beautiful Boy and Beautiful Girl are both available on Amazon in both eBook and Paperback.


As a reminder, I am closed to Book Review Submissions at this time for a chance to catch up on my TBR pile. I will let everyone know when I am open again.

Stay tuned for my next awesome author!


Tree Change Dolls: Woman Re-Touches Make-Up On Dolls tree-change-dolls-sonia-singh-1kfcyjozo44kz6qqnuuvz

This is so cool. I really enjoyed watching this video and meant to upload it to my page about a week ago after coming across it on another blog. Today, children are constantly being told, inadvertently, to grow up faster. From being introduced to sex in kindergarten to being allowed to wear make-up and fake fingernails, we are not giving innocence and naiveté a fair chance. When I was growing up, for instance, Barbie dolls had no private parts, now Ken has a penis. It was not to shy children away from the reality that real men have private parts, but it was done so, at least in my mind, to preserve the child’s innocence. But anyway, the point is that I think what this woman is doing is very noble. Even though she wasn’t intentionally trying to do it, by re-applying the make-up to these dolls she’s making them look more innocent and child-like than they did before. It would be great if she started a store, I would definitely order dolls for my daughter from her.


She’s Not Human

monster_paintingI saw this episode once on Tales From The Hood. This little boy came to school with bruises on his body and he said a monster did it. This perplexed his teachers because surely this couldn’t be an actual monster. But the little boy proceeded to insist it was a monster. He drew pictures of this giant green entity with razor sharp teeth and big hands. In the end, we discovered the monster was really his mother’s boyfriend who beat him from time to time. But the little boy never drew him as a person, just as a monster; interesting the perspective of children, the innocence and fragility of their minds. I imagine this is how they see her, a monster. Even though her face looks gentle, her blonde hair pushed back into a pony tail and her petite figure causing no stirs among the neighbors. Then again, I don’t know what it’s like to wake up to a growl like they do. Even if I did, it’s different when you’re a kid and just the slightest increase in tempo rattles your entire body. At best all you need is a look and you are frozen in mother’s authority and your mind is prepared to listen. But a growl? I don’t want to wonder what that’s like. That’s what I wake up to most mornings. At first, I didn’t think the woman had any children. I thought maybe she was cursing out her man. A slew of profanity escaped her mouth like I hadn’t heard since I banished it from my very own vocabulary. I envisioned her entire presence overtook the house. I’d be willing to bet she grows claws and turns green in her spare time. Only to shapeshift back into the harmless little lady we see walking to the bus stop. I don’t understand people who abuse children; it is a most cowardly act. When I discovered my neighbor was ripping the heads off her own children it disgusts me. But it did not disgust me more than actually seeing the babies. I wanted to just cry. They did not have little bruise marks on their bodies like the little boy in the movie. It’s just that they are small children. I would not have guessed someone was speaking this way to children all under ten years old. And then one day, I saw that one of them is in a wheelchair. So you have two very small children and one is disabled. I don’t understand the logic that goes into this kind of behavior. This is why self-love is so important. How can you mistreat what came from your own body, except you have no love for yourself. Without self-love, nothing can be accomplished. We cannot love ourselves, we cannot love our neighbors, and we cannot love those around us. More frightening than our inability to love, we cannot be loved. Self-hatred illuminates. It surrounds you like a plague and can be smelled from a distance. It causes you to act out of character and abuse anyone who tries their hand at loving you. Because you have not given it to yourself, you are unwilling to accept it from anyone else nor are you willing to give it. Be careful the way that you treat your children, they are a reflection of you and they have no shame in keeping it real. If their mouth does not reveal who you are their actions will. It’s funny, I can always tell the true intentions of a person just by looking at the behavior of their children and interestingly enough, the parents never seem to notice. Be careful how you treat your children, whether you notice it or not, their actions reveal who you truly are.

Coffee and Car Keys


Two things always made me think of adulthood when I was a kid: Coffee and Car Keys.
I always loved holding the keys in my hand after returning from some car visit I was sent to by relatives. It made me feel adult, as if I was actually the one driving. I think mentally I associated it with adulthood because every time adults came around they had car keys in their hand! Or maybe it was because it gave them the freedom to come and go. In any event, I came to hold my head up a little higher whenever I could walk around with those keys.

Coffee also reminded me of adulthood. It seemed that it was something that only grown-ups were allowed to do. If they weren’t drinking coffee they were drinking liquor lol. All this represented adulthood for me.

Feel free to list some of the things that reminded you of adulthood when you were a kid.



Dumbing Down Our Kids


“We the people, of the American educational system, in order to possess docile minds, establish low self-esteem, proper enslaved attitudes, regurgitation of unnecessary facts and a lack of self-defense; promote poverty to those unable to service their own welfare and secure the system of stupidity among ourselves to proliferate your posterity, we will sing songs and graduate in time to add riches to the wealthy, do ordain and establish this Educational System of America.”

Signed, The Educated Fool