Being “Grown”

I was in the Dollar Store today and the cashier was an excited 21 year old. “I’m grown“, she boasted. “I pay my own bills and don’t need for nothing.” That sparked a thought:

Don’t be in such a hurry to talk about how “grown” you are because there’s a difference between “being grown” and being an adult. Grown people are those who have reached an age level that gives them permission to buy liquor, finally get into the clubs (legally), and buy cigarettes. Grown people usually boast about paying their own bills, driving their own cars, and not having to overall depend on anyone else financially. They just moved out the house yesterday and already they’re ready for the world. Adults however are those who do not have to keep reminding everyone how grown they are. They may or may not depend on someone else financially, may or may not pay their own bills. That’s because the level of their maturity is not based on such futility, but adults are people whose mentality is beyond the mind of a child. If you are well off financially that’s great, but it is not what defines adulthood. Not throwing stones, just something to think about the next time you have to tell someone how grown you are, which in the case you have to say it, you probably aren’t.

Embracing Change

Children have a tendency to think under the realm of simplicity. For this reason, we are encouraged to be in our mentality as a child, so that we maintain the humility necessary to receive the discipline of wisdom. Especially since there’s been awhile since many of us were children, so we have to be reminded of this kind of meekness, and to understand that most of the answers to the questions we look for are right here before us, but that we miss seeking “profundity”. Indeed, some of us need to seriously regress back into childhood and understand how simple things really are. But children also have a tendency to be unstable in their ways. They are more apt to move from place to place easily, despite danger. But as adults who have gained a certain level of experience, we cannot afford to be led astray by the elementary matters of childhood, in which we continue to trip over the same mistakes over and over again before we attempt to change them.

Change itself is difficult, for it is buried under years of routine and tradition. However embracing change when it is occupied by truth can cause great discipline, and create a greater understanding for the individual who is willing to grow up. It is a light that comes with maturity, illuminating the path of the elder. But not everyone of age is wise, for many of us are still easily led astray and stuck in our ways; plagued by the unchanging traditions of our youth. (There are countless old fools) And as some children are afraid of the dark, so are we who have yet to put off the instability of childhood; still heavier than darkness are we to ourselves. We can remove this burden however, if only we are willing to embrace change, and all of the gifts that come with it.

Coffee and Car Keys


Two things always made me think of adulthood when I was a kid: Coffee and Car Keys.
I always loved holding the keys in my hand after returning from some car visit I was sent to by relatives. It made me feel adult, as if I was actually the one driving. I think mentally I associated it with adulthood because every time adults came around they had car keys in their hand! Or maybe it was because it gave them the freedom to come and go. In any event, I came to hold my head up a little higher whenever I could walk around with those keys.

Coffee also reminded me of adulthood. It seemed that it was something that only grown-ups were allowed to do. If they weren’t drinking coffee they were drinking liquor lol. All this represented adulthood for me.

Feel free to list some of the things that reminded you of adulthood when you were a kid.



Grown Enough


She has a secret (that she just does not want to grow up)
But if she could paint Double D titties on her chest
And make them believe there was actually vitamin D in these breasts
maybe after sticking kindergarten fingers in her panties her soul can rest,
Draw make-believe pads and place them in her drawer

I guess
Play some games and stuff
She’ll be just grown enough.
You see the secret is that she really does not want to grow up
But if she could just make it to 21
To drink her liver half-dead and tell Hennessy he’s the one
To make her forget she’s had too much
but maybe she just hasn’t had enough
to make her realize that the friends are gone when nothing’s left
and the taste you feel on your tongue is the similac on your breath
telling your stomach to cough up the dance you just had with death cause I know you think it cool,
but your stomach’s not fit for this kind of food
And that boy on the corner ain’t in love with you
But it’s a lot more convenient than McDonald’s cause he can have his way with you
But you’re probably just hearing this for the first time cause nobody ever told you it always hurts the first time
This, grown up stuff
She said she just wants to be
grown enough
Cause her ambition is for time to sit still
Never reaching the point of crazy debt and large bills
But if she could always stay somewhere between Dora the Explorer, and pink heels
Maybe this lump in her throat she would’ve never had to feel
If someone could have just told her that growing up is over-rated
And in this world without Yah you’re a nobody who’s never made it
And a baby-mama going to the clubs every night to get faded
Your childhood crying away cause you played it
Cause you rushed yourself into a place that’s not so puffed up
Trust little girl when I tell you
You’ll never quite be
grown enough