Tree Change Dolls: Woman Re-Touches Make-Up On Dolls tree-change-dolls-sonia-singh-1kfcyjozo44kz6qqnuuvz

This is so cool. I really enjoyed watching this video and meant to upload it to my page about a week ago after coming across it on another blog. Today, children are constantly being told, inadvertently, to grow up faster. From being introduced to sex in kindergarten to being allowed to wear make-up and fake fingernails, we are not giving innocence and naiveté a fair chance. When I was growing up, for instance, Barbie dolls had no private parts, now Ken has a penis. It was not to shy children away from the reality that real men have private parts, but it was done so, at least in my mind, to preserve the child’s innocence. But anyway, the point is that I think what this woman is doing is very noble. Even though she wasn’t intentionally trying to do it, by re-applying the make-up to these dolls she’s making them look more innocent and child-like than they did before. It would be great if she started a store, I would definitely order dolls for my daughter from her.




Humility is loving that which is poor
it is bringing oneself down
becoming a servant to an innermost consciousness
to appreciate that which is forgotten
and insignificant
to relapse back into a state of childhood
where even something as great as a piece of broken glass
seems innocent
where it is not glass
it is not dangerous
it is just a mirror into which we see ourselves