Music and Words Blog Award


Although The PBS Blog is now Blog Free, I would like to take the time to thank Elissa of Embracing My Inner Ginger for nominating us for the Music and Words Blog Award. I love music and I believe it’s such an important part of history, of future and of present day. There is such a healing quality to music that can be as light as touching the surface of human emotion or run as deep as impacting and changing lives. The musical therapy of words can take us as far back as childhood and for this I always find solace in finding that one song that can take me back to a memorable place. Music to me is a lot like moving pictures. Photos capture the excitement or action of the moment and whenever we look at them we are taken back to that place. We remember when we were learning something new, doing something adventurous or feeling slightly down. The pictures take us back there. Back to that exact second. The moment our eyes twinkled for the first time and just before it darkened again to be revisited at a later time. Like the time between when the baby took his first step and before he fell. Camera’s capture that tiny space of opportunity and music, to me, is much the same way. Except music is moving and flowing, and riding the beat like waves into another time and place.

Of course, since I am blog free I will not be participating in any of the rules but I have added the Award to my PBS Blog Award shelf as I do all of my awards to show my appreciation.

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Blog Award Free – 1/20/2016

I am thankful to have produced content on this blog that others enjoy, share, and find worthy of blog awards. While I’ve been blogging in general for a few years, I am still a newbie at this address and have only been blogging for a little over a year. In that time, I have come to truly understand how to write for a variety of people (The Versatile Blog Award was truly an honor because I strive to produce content that has mixture) and meet some amazing men and women. While blogging and writing can be separate entities, I often do not separate the two. Having this blog has helped me to understand how to take what I know and understand and translate it into a language others can relate to and understand on a public platform which is important for an author. I have also learned how to better blog in ways that are not connected to writing.

I’ve gone back and forth with this for a long time and I am finally at peace with my decision. I have never completely followed the rules anyway and while I laugh about it, I actually do not like to half do stuff. I don’t have the kind of time to nominate the wonderful bloggers my heart desires to. This year is going to be very busy and so for these reasons, as of today 1/20/16, I have come to the decision to no longer participate in the beloved Blog Awards. It’s been a good run, but The PBS Blog is now officially Blog Award Free.

Don’t Leave yet!


I am still accepting your Blog Award Nominations! I just won’t be participating in the practice of nominating, posting, etc. If you want to nominate The PBS Blog for an award you still can. I will publish it under my “PBS Blog Awards” tab. Please check the page and if you have nominated me for an award that is not there, please give me a heads up and I will post it.

The Epically Awesome Blog Award

The Pearls Before Swine Blog is proud to accept its 9th Blog Award as nominated by the beautiful Lisa Tetting of Rebirth of Lisa but you knew that already. Thanks hun for always thinking of me. Now, the rules:

The Award Rules:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
  2. Put the award logo on your blog
  3. Share ten awesome facts about yourself
  4. Nominate ten blogs


I hate to be so rebellious (Sike, I love it lol hee hee), but seriously I do have to run errands shortly so I do not have time to nominate the awesome blogs I have in mind. You all know I don’t like half doing anything if I can help it so I will see to it some other time (when I have more time). I will however share ten awesome facts about myself:



  •  February will mark nine years together with my love bug.
  • I have a twin sister which has been an awesome journey growing up
  • Book #2 in my Stella Series has received 5 Star Reviews on every review written so far….total awesomeness
  • I will be traveling to New Mexico for the first time ever the end of this month and I will be in Atlanta for the first time this February to debut Book #3 in the Stella Series
  • I successfully completed all of Blogging U’s Writing Assignments which I do not take lightly since they were such a great boost to my creative juices
  • I love German Shepherds and want to move to the country on acres of land so I can get one…awwwesome
  • I beat my husband in a game of Moral Kombat Komplete Edition last night and will talk about it until we play again
  • My hair is the longest its ever been…EVER. I think my Locs are totally awesome
  • I will be publishing a book review on this blog soon of another awesome Indie Author
  • I’m running out of awesome ideas

The Creative Blogger Award


Thanks again to the blogging community for a chance to present me with another PBS Blog Award to add to my electronic shelves. I’m gonna have to get a wall for these…yesss. Special thank you to Lisa over at Rebirth of Lisa for another awesome nomination, thanks hun :  ). Don’t forget to check her out here.

Creativity is defined as:

“Having or showing an ability to make things or think of new ideas; using the ability to make or think of new things: involving the process by which new ideas, stories, etc., are created; marked by the ability or power to create.”

Well then, if you say it like that I should wave:

*EC takes a moment, waves and blows kisses at readers*

Now, I’m supposed to list 5 Facts about myself:

300px-Phase_101. I have two favorite card games, one of which no one in the world seems to have heard of but me: Spades and ….wait for it…Phase 10

Psst: I want all of my readers who’ve never heard of Phase 10 to Google and then go out to Walmart (Toy Section) and buy and then play this game with your family. Thank you).

2. I get excited at the possibility to watch a good movie or read a good book.

Clip from The Great Debaters
Clip from The Great Debaters



3. I don’t like a whole lot of attention






4. I can be unintentionally sarcastic. No, really, just sorta happens.



5. I love hanging out with babies and small children

6 mos into my Loc Journey
6 mos into my Loc Journey


And that’s it for me tonight. Thanks so much again for the award. I’m out this joint, yall be great 🙂

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

sister-hood-award1So I would like to take this time to thank SeasonedSista2 for nominating me for my 3rd Blogger Award (I love your blog design btw! I love those kind of color combinations), as always I am always ecstatic and very thankful for those who find my blog worthy to receive an award:

Here Are The Rules:

• Thank the blogger that nominated you.
• Put the award logo on your blog.
• Answer the ten questions sent to you.
• Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
• Nominate seven blogs

My questions are as follows, they are followed up with my answers:

1. What is one of your favorite quotes?

One of my favorite quotes is by George Benard Shaw:

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

2. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would love to learn to speak fluent German. Chinese also appears pretty intriguing.

3. What was the last movie that made you cry?

large_v1WdKm9qQPBfhoHanBP5XxzIBDUWow, this is a very good question…..especially since I don’t really cry during movies, hmmm….I must say Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe was pretty moving. The movie is based on the life of John Nash (Crowe) who arrives at Princeton University of the prestigious Carnegie Scholarship for mathematics. Nash is super smart and can crack codes with his mind alone. But after meeting a suspicious supervisor of the United States Department of Defense, his mental genius is challenged against the backdrop of insanity and the movie takes an unexpected twist.

4. If you won the lottery, what is the first things you would do?

african-american-children-painting1When I was about 11 years old, we would go to Hamilton Park on the south side of Chicago every day after school and spend the entire afternoon there until being picked up at night. At that center we got help with homework, participated with extracurricular activities like dance and music bingo etc. It was a lot of fun. Today my husband and I run a research and fellowship center (1/5) in Shreveport LA . If I won the lottery one of the first things I would do is contribute to the development of more youth centered activity centers in the inner city areas so that children have a safe and nurturing place to go after school.

5. Have you ever had a nickname, what is it?

My nick name is EC, and Twin

6. What is your favorite holiday?

I don’t celebrate holidays so I do not have a favorite.

7. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Lol, Definitely an introvert

8. If you had to evacuate your house immediately, what is the one thing you would grab on the way out?

My bible

9. What is one food that you will not eat?

Anything Pork related

10. Would you rather use Facebook or Twitter?

Hmm, great benefits to both, but while I enjoy Facebook I have to say I’m more of a Twitter baby, it’s a lot more laid back in my opinion (at least mine is lol). Seems to fit better with my personality, short characters, not so much going on, I can get in and out.

I don’t have anyone in mind to nominate at this time so I’m gonna leave it here. Of course by now you all know I’m used to breaking award rules, I’m a rebel, what can I say (I’ll publish a post about that some other time).

In the meantime, I would like to take the time to thank SeasonedSista2 again for the wonderful award nomination! 🙂


Nominated for The Premio Dardos Award, Whoo Hoo!


Oh my goodness! Ok, this was much unexpected. I had no idea I would be nominated for a Blog Award and I also didn’t know I would be this excited to receive it. I would like to take the time to happily accept this nomination *waves to the crowd* , and to thank Rebirth of Lisa for nominating me, and to urge yall to run on over there and check her out at:

What exactly is The Premio Dardos Award anyway?



Now, for the hard part. Technically I’m supposed to nominate 15 other blogs I feel are worthy of this award but chances are I’m going to break that rule. I have no idea who to nominate for an award. Guess I should get myself over to these awesome blogs and see whose names to list here. Pardon me if it takes a few days, I’m a little slower than the rest of you people. But, I happily accept this award and the boost of encouragement. Thanks Again Lisa!