Cheating on my other Blog


Ok, I admit it. I’m not being as faithful as it appears. I’m actually cheating on my other blog. Oh c’mon, don’t look at me like that, we’ve all been there. But if you’re listening, I didn’t mean to hurt you; I just can’t stop thinking about ThePBSblog. Plus, you don’t entice me to your dashboard the way you used to, I mean, let’s face it, your updates are so in-between we never see each other. And then there’s ThePBSblog….. with its amazing followers, its inspiring quotes and articles, its beautiful poetry and simple design. I mean, we would be up all night drafting potential blog posts together. Before I knew it I was in over my head. It took a moment before I realized I was seeing PBS on the side. I’m sorry ahouseofpoetry if you’re not getting enough attention; if its worth anything I still like you and all, but what PBS and I have together is…..well, a commitment. And I know this is gonna sound kinda freaky, but I really don’t mind seeing you both. I mean, if I have cake, am I not supposed to eat it too?

Writing Addiction Symptom #3: Dirty Diapers and Complaining Husbands


• Dirty Diapers and Complaining Husbands

Oh you know the feeling. You make yourself a cup of Joe, get back to that switch button, and for the next 8 hours or so (hey, that’s pretty modest), you’ve taken yourself a mini vacation. Where are you going? Who knows, somewhere between Character Development and Turning Points; your only problems are: screaming kids, annoyed husbands and microwaved dinners. You’ve been at that computer so long your one year old knows what a Setting is, (and it’s not from the soggy Wheaties in his diaper either). Your husband has brought over his annoying friend for company (yes, the one you can’t stand), and your nine year old has painted her face pink and red at your distracted consent. Now, I want you to pay attention now because this is important:

The writer herself (yours truly), has neither one year old or nine year old and what you’ve just read is a list of completely made up events but, the fact that you’ve spent the last two minutes glued to these words in order that you may verify this condition is reason enough to count you among the worthy so take a bow, I now present to you the following prescription:



CAUTION: If you’ve counted my every grammatical error I’m sorry but Grammatical Geeks is for another day and this prescription is not for you.

Rx #1234567A



The Happiness of Seeking Wisdom


Happy is the person who meditates on wisdom

who reflects in his heart on her ways

and ponders her secrets

pursuing her like a hunter

and lying in wait on her paths

and listens at her doors

who camps near her house

and fastens his tent peg to her walls

who pitches his tent near her

and so occupies an excellent lodging place

who places his children under her boughs

who is sheltered by her from the heat

and dwells in the midst of her glory

– Ecclesiasticus / Sirach 14:20-27