The Weekend Off

I am exhausted! My husband and I just got back from a Conference in Houston and I have not stopped running sense. Between getting my blog back up to date and getting the book ready to release I have been up as late as 1 and 2 am practically sense July started! (I’m something like a workaholic.) I wanted to post more but I had a radio show to do early yesterday so I couldn’t add any of my quotes and notes or draft my posts for today until late. I’ve also just discovered that my in laws are visiting from Memphis Tennessee (and you married folk know how that is. The parents must be entertained. They are royalty you know 🙂 ) next week and I still have to get ready for a business trip to Monroe LA the week after that (after they leave). In addition, the book release is at the end of this month (a flyer with the official date is forthcoming).

Needless to say this is my last post for today. I am going to take the weekend off. I love being busy when it comes to handling business so I’m not complaining about any of it. I need some sleep though!

See you all next week. I’m still going to try to work on a sample Family Tree for the character building I spoke about in yesterdays post over the weekend so I can present this method of character development to you all next week. It really is a lot of fun and makes the process of creating people with human qualities really easy.

OK I’m out, yall be great. See you next Monday, time permitting. 🙂


insomniasleepbed042312_LargeWideCaught a glimpse of your shadow last night
would have missed that much had not the wind whistled
like it does when it wants the curtains to dance
and she so coy,
the way she looks over her shoulders when nobody’s watching
giggling fabric
she so cool
Love the effortless sway from moonlight to windowsill
It was this love making of the wind and my curtains that alerted me to your footsteps
and though short lived, I can still smell the essence that is your backbone
you’re fresh batteries in worn flesh
a taste of perfection after a clean death
but you didn’t kiss my grave rejuvenation last night
I waited for you
like a desperate lover on the edge of embrace
hoping for a hit of youth to strengthen calm my memories
for your calm to hold back my storms
for your peace to let down the curtains that is my eyelids
but dear sleep,
I was your fool last night.