No Whining Wednesday – See the Lesson

Welcome back to No Whining Wednesday, the only day of the week where you have 24 hours in which not to whine, complain, or criticize. If you’re new to this blog or new to this segment, please go HERE for our first day of the segment which explains in greater detail.

The No Whining Wednesday Badge

Today’s quote comes from the inspiration to this segment. If you follow that link or if you remember, I started this because of watching a speech from Iyanla Vanzant. Today’s quote is directly from her:

“No whining, no complaining about anyone. Everybody in your life has come to teach you lessons.”

Today, to keep you from complaining, think about the lesson the situation has to teach you. I’ve already started implementing this into my life and I still complain, of course (lol), but I have noticed improvements and I can vouch that this is a practical step that does work.

If I just stop and think, what did I do wrong and what does this situation have to teach me? Then I am less likely to complain about it. You have to understand that complaining usually comes from two things: not understanding a situation and not being able to change something. Of course, it can become a lot more complex than this but this is the root of most worrying, not being able to change something out of our control or not understanding something. Today, just stop. Stop trying to change it. Just see the lesson.

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12 thoughts on “No Whining Wednesday – See the Lesson”

  1. I failed today; I was still calling UK Islamophobes and racists… ‘idiots’ (well that’s the polite version)
    Does of plea of Extenuating Circumstances carry any weight?

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          1. Ah good….LOL..
            Pleased to report, I have done so…
            This afternoon
            I took my wife to the hospital for an appointment, and she said the one thing which would get her through would be to go to the cafeteria afterwards and have one of their scones (great scones) We’d just sat down when the fire alarm went off and we all had to go out, into the rain. Undeterred and took our tray of scones and tea (British, essential) and doggedly walked to our car where we had our scones and tea, and made much merriment of the interlude.
            (You can’t separate a brit from their tea and scones(or biscs) 😃)

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