Dear Authors, This Summer, Introduce Yourself!


I love the warm weather! The flowers are blooming and everything is just abounding with life. What a perfect occasion to introduce something new.

Last week I announced the start of a new series on The PBS Blog and boy have you all responded!

So, this post is to remind you that if you want in this summer you may want to go ahead and submit your questions. Spots are filling up fast! I’ll be introducing our first author tomorrow, Monday, April 3, 2017 and then every Monday afterwards we’ll meet a new author (just as long as the spots stay filled). I am booked up through April and there is only ONE spot left for May so again, if you want to be featured this summer, don’t wait.


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15 thoughts on “Dear Authors, This Summer, Introduce Yourself!”

  1. Wonderful idea! I would like to take part. Just getting back from a writer’s conference, so may be a bit before I can get it all together! lol Will be looking forward to meeting everyone!

      1. It was wonderful! Kathy Ide and Twila Belk were the keynote speakers and taught the workshops. SO much information to take in, but learned SO much. My head is kind of swirling right now!

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