3 Life Lessons from the Story of Creation

#1: Celebrate Along the Way

After everything Yah created, he stopped to praise the work he had done. When he created the lights, it was good. When he created the expanse, it was good. When he created the land and the waters and the sun and the stars and so on, Yah stopped to acknowledge that what he had just created was good. In our own lives, we must learn to celebrate our success along the way and not just what we consider great successes but small ones too. And when I say small I am talking about being able to get out of the bed in the morning. When I say small I mean getting your children ready for school. When I say small I mean cooking for your family. When I say small I mean being able to have a warm cup of coffee in the morning or a cool glass of wine in the evenings. This is surplus. Anytime we can have more than the bare minimum, it’s surplus. Its extra. So when I say small I mean being successful at just getting through the day without going insane.

Miserable people will try to criticize your joy. They will say things like, “ain’t nobody happy all the time.” While you certainly won’t be happy all the time, you don’t have to be happy to be thankful. We must learn not to just promote praise among those finished projects but to also see the good in the unfinished. We must learn to be grateful during the bad times, the tired times, the frustrating times, and the sad times because these are the most important times. In fact, these hard times are probably even more important than the good times because the hard times are cultivating something in you. You are being prepared for something. You are being strengthened for a work. Additionally, being grateful for what you have and celebrating on the way to where you are going builds healthy self-esteem. When you stop and give praise for everything that you have, even if you don’t have what you want, you begin to feel better about yourself, about your life and about who you are.

#2: It’s a Process

Certainly, the Almighty Power could have created everything in one day. Certainly, he is powerful enough and more than capable of doing it but instead, Yah took six days. He took his time making sure that the world was perfect for those who would inhabit it. In our own lives, we must understand that everything is a process. You cannot expect to have everything figured out at one time and you can’t expect to have everything you need at one time. You may find one piece of the puzzle today and the next piece may not come until next month or next year. The next piece may not come until you are mature enough to receive that piece. It may not come until you are in a place mentally to receive it.

Greatness doesn’t just happen. It is a result of years of work, of trial, of failure, and of learning. It is a culmination of experiences and setbacks. It is a process. We must learn to allow ourselves to be nurtured and to be prepared for our destiny and our purpose.

#3: Rest

The creator of everything certainly does not need to rest in the way that we do and as previously stated, certainly he could have created everything in one day and be done with it. But he didn’t and I believe it was to show us something. After six days Yah rested on the seventh day and set this day apart. In our own lives, we must understand that there’s no such thing as this 24-hour working life we see on social media and television. You cannot expect to work until you are exhausted and still expect to have enough energy to be productive. Rest and vacation have become a privilege in this world and that’s a shame. Rest is not some privilege. Rest is a necessity. We cannot expect to be 100 every single day. That’s not realistic. Rest is just as important as work is.

Sleep plays an important role in your physical health and is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Going without sleep or rest is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. This is because our bodies are designed to refuel during rest. This is when we get our wind back. You can run non-stop until you are out of breath and falling over or you can walk and pace yourself so that you have enough endurance to make it to the end. We can try and mimic the “hustle” and “grind” of everyone else and run our health into the ground. Or we can take some time to rest our bodies, our hearts, and our minds.

The Weekend Off

I am exhausted! My husband and I just got back from a Conference in Houston and I have not stopped running sense. Between getting my blog back up to date and getting the book ready to release I have been up as late as 1 and 2 am practically sense July started! (I’m something like a workaholic.) I wanted to post more but I had a radio show to do early yesterday so I couldn’t add any of my quotes and notes or draft my posts for today until late. I’ve also just discovered that my in laws are visiting from Memphis Tennessee (and you married folk know how that is. The parents must be entertained. They are royalty you know 🙂 ) next week and I still have to get ready for a business trip to Monroe LA the week after that (after they leave). In addition, the book release is at the end of this month (a flyer with the official date is forthcoming).

Needless to say this is my last post for today. I am going to take the weekend off. I love being busy when it comes to handling business so I’m not complaining about any of it. I need some sleep though!

See you all next week. I’m still going to try to work on a sample Family Tree for the character building I spoke about in yesterdays post over the weekend so I can present this method of character development to you all next week. It really is a lot of fun and makes the process of creating people with human qualities really easy.

OK I’m out, yall be great. See you next Monday, time permitting. 🙂



I wanna turn off my brain. Not completely, just enough to gather my breath and lay it at the head of the bed….a temporary moment to which renewal finds itself back to my pillow; to which I may die, and in the same second be reborn. I want my eyes to bow in submission to my bones, and my soul to fall slowly to the contours of this mattress….and for a second pretend that the world has crumbled around me. For a second, for just a moment, let me lay my body at the foot of sleep’s doorstep, pretend to swim with the clouds, and in the same moment…. taste of rejuvenation’s delicacies.

Did YOU Know? ….. National Sunday Law


The streets are empty of people, and the grocery stores void of movement. The people seemed to have vacated the Earth; perhaps they have residence on the moon. (I wonder if it really does taste like cheese.) The automobiles have stopped dragging their tires to the next corner for fear of being arrested, disassembled and then thrown into the nearest junk yard. (We do not accept gas as bail payment….sorry).
Why is Sunday’s so quite? Why do the people lock themselves inside their homes as if the taste of air itself will chock them? Why are the streets empty?

National Sunday Law

Many believe it is because it represents the seventh day of rest; a day to relax from all our labors, and to focus our thoughts on the thoughts of the almighty. But is this true? Is Sunday our day of rest? Is this why the people have vacated earth, the reason the stores have shut their mouths, and the vehicles have stopped running?


In A.D. 325 Roman Emperor Constantine held a worldwide Christian Convention with the Council of Nice. Great dissension arose among the pagans at that time about when to celebrate holidays and how to worship the Gods. Troubled by this, Constantine as the Pagan High Priest, held a convention in Nicaea in Bithynia, to which Bishops were invited from all over the world. It was a meeting that would culminate in the current Christian belief system by merging scripture with pagan beliefs in order to solidify the many viewpoints of the council and appease the Pagan priesthood. It would also result in the death of many openly Pagan groups so that the revelation that this new religion included Pagan beliefs would not be revealed. Constantine commanded that the pagan temples be destroyed and the people killed.


A Pagan is someone who worships Gods and Goddesses, or they may worship Satan altogether. As a Pagan, Constantine worshiped the sun-god Apollo, having the image engraved on his coin. Issued in A.D. 321 as part of the decreed, Constantine instituted our current legal institution of Sunday as the day of rest as a National Sunday Law; to which he called “The Lord’s Day”, or “Dies Solis”, that is, “The Day of the Sun” because he worshiped the sun-god. From this point on, people began to keep the Sabbath Day on the first day instead of the seventh day to which it was originally established according to biblical law. Constantine ordered that stores be closed and that activity of labors cease on Sunday. It was Constantine who first made a law for the observance of Sunday as the Sabbath who appointed that it should be regularly celebrated throughout the Roman Empire. Before this, as stated, everyone properly observed the Sabbath day as it was instituted by the almighty from the foundation of the world.



Let me make it clear I am not a Christian (nor am I a Jew). I do however believe in the principles of the bible. As such I must say, that to observe Sunday as the Sabbath day is not in accordance with the commandment we have been given. If you believe in the bible not at all, this post does not concern you. But if you consider yourself a bible believer, and you wish to keep the commandments as they have been issued to be kept, keeping Sunday as the Sabbath day is transgressing the command to keep the Sabbath day set apart because you are actually not keeping the Sabbath set apart, you are instead observing The National Sun-day Law, and worshiping the sun.