Four Months to Go: The Nora White Story

Hi guys,

Before the week ends, I wanted to share this with you.

Copyright©Literary Korner Publishing. The Nora White Story (Book One). July 15, 2017.

Next month, March, we will be four months out from the release of Book One in The Nora White Story. To prepare for this, I’ve put together a Book Launch Schedule to help all of you to stay updated on this project.

To view the Launch Schedule and to stay updated, I have put together a temporary website dedicated to The Nora White Story exclusively.

You can help me spread the word by sharing and checking out the site HERE.

I’d also appreciate any shares of the site with those who you know are interested in this kind of story.

As the time draws near, I will give more information about the special events leading up to the release for that particular month. As you can see, yes, there will be a blog party! But I’m not giving out any details right now. I will real soon and your patience is most appreciated.


Need a Book Review? – Free Resource


I happen to be in a reading mood and as a result I am extending my hand to get into some good Indie reads. I am not the CEO of The Best Company Ever and the blog I run is small, but every little bit helps, and I am willing to read your book for free and offer my opinion. I am not charging anything except you send me a copy of the book. You will receive in return promotion through this blog and my social networks.

As not to overwhelm myself, I’ll be accepting only 2 books a month (so that’s two authors a month). If you’re interested in letting me read your book in exchange for an honest review and some added promotion, please send me an email and I will give you the details on how to qualify.


Why am I doing this? Because as a Self-Publisher, I know that every little bit helps. I have some time to read and would love to see what you have to offer.