Interracial Blog Feature Update: Schedules


OK, whew. So, I still have minor touch ups to do but I finally have the interviews together and have decided on dates for this series. I am so excited about those who volunteered to participate; your answers blew me away! Ya’ll are not ready for what these wonderful ladies have to tell.

I like to keep things fresh and exciting so I have decided not to post an interview every day. But this feature will run instead once a week (Thursday) for the last four weeks of October:

October 8th – Misty Thomas
October 15th – Lisa W. Tetting
October 22nd – Allison Wells
October 29th – Wrap Up and Surprise
Post Time: 8:00a CST

file(7)Because of the nature of this series, it was easy to pre-judge my intentions. However, those who participated didn’t do that and instead showed great respect for this project and we all learned something in the process. For this reason, I have a great surprise for them at the conclusion of this series. That’s right; you have to wait allll the way until the 29th of next month, but I will say that it is worth the wait. It will be my token of appreciation for sharing a part of yourself with me because you didn’t have to do it.

file(8)    Until next time. Yall be great.

Interracial Blog Feature – Update


So just a quick update. I have not yet set a date for this feature because I’m still organizing the interviews. I will schedule them when I’m done and post that schedule here before months end. I have decided to host this feature this October time permitting. There is still room for possibly one more slot for anyone who is interested. The idea was sparked from the release of my new book, “Beyond The Colored Line”.

Click Here for the original post to understand what this feature’s all about.

Thanks so much for your time and yall be great.



(So… this isn’t about me but since were talking about loovvee, I just thought I’d mention it….guess who got roses yesterday? That’s right, your looking at her)