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Formatting print versions of your book.

G.L. Cromarty


Formatting a print version of your novel can be tricky, so when it came to tackling my own book I approached this task with caution. I own a kindle so I was comfortable in self-formatting the ebook version, and have been putting my own books on a kindle for review purposes for many years. Printing a book is very different, and you never really know what it will look like until the book is sitting in your hand.

I have recently published my paperback through KDP Paperback (Beta). I will be covering details of my experience using this in my next article, but I will also make some reference to it below in the context of the formatting.

Formatting – Font

Getting the font right on a print book is vitally important, and perhaps more so than with an ebook where the reader has an option to select a preferred font for themselves. You…

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