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Would you still love me

If I told you instead of making mistakes, I made choices

that clawed its way into my conscious

Would it frighten you

to know being hit by a car isn’t my only accident

and a surgical staple isn’t the only thing

I’ve been shot with

Would it shock you

if I said, I am not always acting like a queen

Could I be honest

about the weight of this crown

What if I confessed my sins in ink

washed my hands of transgression on paper

Is it okay if I sacrifice my body to this poem?

Purify my mind and kill my pride

by lynching my secrets to this tree

transform this test into a testimony

take this trial and morph it into some kind of triumph

some kind of victory like the overcoming of flesh

forged in a fire for the overcoming of death

Would you still admire me

If you knew about the parts of me that aren’t admirable

Add me

to your list of humans humble enough to admit

we encounter defeat

but strong enough not to be defeated

We are not diminished

Maybe just a little


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4 Resources for Understanding #GDPR for Authors


So far I have provided four different resources for understanding GDPR. Again, the general understanding is that you don’t have to send out re-confirmations to your list as long as you’ve been obtaining emails legally in the first place. Just make sure your opt-in forms and privacy policies are clear and transparent. Derek Murphy’s article talks about GDPR as it relates to using email marketing for list building and giveaways. Check it out below (it’s #4).

Important Notice: – The #GDPR in Effect May 25, 2018 Is Your Blog Ready?GDPR And Authors: What You Need To Know

SPF-117: GDPR – What All Authors Need to Know – with Gemma Gibbs

*GDPR regulations for writers using listbuilding giveaways like KingSumo

Note: Don’t forget about your websites!  If you have an author website outside the blog be sure that’s GDPR compliant as well. 

Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Getting Naked


Put your stones back in your pocket, there’s nothing freaky going on here. Minds out the gutters please. Great, now we can begin.

For today’s episode of Writer’s Quote Wednesday, Colleen has asked us to appreciate a few poets. Initially, I was going to share something from Melvin B. Tolson but I have instead chosen this one from Nikki Giovanni for a few reasons:


The reason I went with this quote is because I look for quotes that instantly speak to me. This is when I know I have selected the appropriate one for the week. So anyway, as soon as I read this quote I was put into the mind of poetry. Nakedness reminds me of writing poetry because to write poems is to do so in a way that communicates, that bridges gaps, and that builds and to do this properly, at least in my opinion, is to get naked. By getting naked I just mean to be transparent. It is to strip yourself down to complete humility so that you can share poems that actually speak to people. Sometimes poems seem so extremely personal that it seems like it’s too much, an over share if you will. And while I will never tell you to just tell all your business, I will say that if you enjoy poetry you will hear some pretty personal stuff. It’s the poets’ way of getting naked because the fact of the matter is that transparency speaks. You don’t necessarily have to be all deep in the over intellectualized kind of way no, but poets should have something to say that will help others to cling onto that testimony like a bond. This is why poetry is so emotionally charged because people will always be able to relate to the real and poetry is that real. Good poetry is the whole experience. It’s the taste, the touch, the sight, and the feel.

About the Author:

nikki-giovanniBorn Yolande Cornelia on June 7, 1943, Nikki Giovanni is a writer, commentator, activist, and educator. One of the world’s most well-known African American poets, her work includes poetry anthologies, poetry recordings, and nonfiction essays, and covers topics ranging from race and social issues to children’s literature. She has won numerous awards, including the Langston Hughes Medal, the NAACP Image Award, and has been nominated for a Grammy Award for her Nikki Giovanni Poetry Collection. – Wikipedia



“Maybe I’ll use poetry to C-Section my insides
I’ve got to have some kinda gut
to stand up here and strip for you”- Yecheilyah