3 Ways StumbleUpon Can Get YOU Noticed

This is worth bookmarking. Dan walks us through how to use Stumbleupon and increase our visibility.

Dan Alatorre

We writer types need to be seen and read or we don’t really exist, right?

StumbleUpon is pretty simple to use and doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time, but done properly it’ll get you noticed. (See my recent example HERE)

stumbleupon-0 behold, the magic that is… StumbleUpon!

Other people have posted about it, including me. (If you are REALLY new to SU, click HERE to see my prior comments and HERE for Allison’s enlightening post. Both will give you a broader background.)

stumble-upon-now-what see that last day in the chart? StumbleUpon did that. I’d say that’s getting some notice.

Here are the basics.

StumbleUpon is a kind of search engine/general website where you are presented with articles in topics you choose, and then you give them a thumbs up or thumbs down so the site can give you more things to your liking. (To do that, you…

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