#BeWoW is Back

be-wow-bloggerYayy, #BeWoW is back! It’s been awhile since I’ve drafted a “Be Wonderful on Wednesday” post. I really enjoy writing on the prompts! Special Congratulations to Ronovan Writes for his new laptop and to the Blogging community for banding together and helping him out. I do not have a #BeWoW post for today, I plan to publish one next week time permitting. I just wanted to give a special post highlight for Ronovan.

Book Release Trivia Day! Post #3 *WINNERS ANNOUNCED*


Congratulations to the following for answering our first Trivia question correctly:

Annette Rochelle Aben!

Annette is so supportive! Please send your mailing address to: ahouseofpoetry@gmail.com for your Free Coffee Mug! Whoop!

We still have ONE MORE COFFEE MUG left and other FREE prizes!

Stay Tuned For the Next Trivia Question! In the meantime, dance to the music, it’s launch day!

Be sure to visit these links while you listen, Stella Book #2 is available now!


Amazon Kindle

Apple iBookstore




Google Play

*2nd Game Coming up! You don’t want to miss this prize!*