90s Throwback Thursday Jams – Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up

Ya’ll know this was the jam, don’t front lol


90s Throwback Thursday Jam – To Zion, Lauryn Hill

This song has been on my heart this week soo…jam on 🎶🎵


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Thursday Throwback Jam – Aaliyah, One In A Million

OK, so I know my throwbacks are not real throwbacks. I’m just 28 so I can only go back so far …lol joke. OK, that wasn’t funny. I do love me some old school tho (We call them “Dusty’s”).

Now, for the 4 people who saw this post earlier, I did have a different song in mind but I changed my mind. Yea, sorry. Now, excuse me while I go lip sing this to my husband.

A Pay Phone!!!


Ok, that was a little dramatic. BUT I just saw a pay phone (and get this), someone was actually using it! I wonder how much those things cost now. You can probably wash a whole load of clothes for the price. While we’re on the subject, remember pagers? You thought you were so cool because you had a pager. But pay phones though, who would have thought. So for those of you who have not upgraded your smart phones it’s ok, you can go to bed tonight knowing that someone out there still uses a pay phone.