Self-Publishing: Don’t Forget to Set Up Your Amazon Author Central Page

UPDATED: The layout has changed since this post was last published in 2017. I am republishing this with instructions on using the new platform, which I have found more straightforward than the previous layout.

I read a ton of books written by Indie Authors. If I like a book, I am going to click on their name on Amazon.

What happens when I click on this name are two things:

  • It will take me to the author’s page with a listing of all their books to date, along with their bio, videos and photos, blog updates, and website link.


  • It will take me to a page on Amazon with a listing of that author’s book, along with a lot of other authors.

The latter gives me no way of following that Author on Amazon, checking out other books they have written, or checking for a website.

Authors, don’t forget to set up your Amazon Author Central Page. In this post, I show you how.

What is an Author Central Page?

Author Central is your author page on Amazon. If this is set up, readers and supporters can click on your name under your book as seen below…

Click Link

And be taken to a page that looks like this….


There’s an author photo, bio, display of all the books you have on Amazon next to your photo, and at the bottom. You can also add your blog feed to your page and videos.

Getting Started

First, go to and sign in.

The layout of the page has changed. You used to see this page…

Now it looks like this…

And it is a lot easier to set up this way.

On this page, go to Edit Profile

It will take you to a page that looks like this.

Upload your photo here…

Add a bio here and media like photos and video

Link your blog…

Now add your books…

Scroll back up and click on Books

It will take you to a page that looks like this. If you have books already added you should see them here.

If you have no books added, simply click on the Add a Book Button

And then search your book on Amazon by your Name, Title, or ISBN


Now go back to profile and click here to see your page on Amazon.

It should take you back to this page

Now test it. Go back to your page and click on your name.

If set up correctly, it should take you back to the page you just left.

One other thing that makes this cool is that your bio will also show up on the book page where readers have bought it. And once again is the opportunity for readers to follow you! It looks like this.

I hope this has helped someone! Check out more Indie Author Basics Here.

Also, be sure to check out my latest interview with Felecia Causey!

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