Newsletter, Blog, or Both?


Authors, check out these articles. I totally agree with having both a blog and an email newsletter. Further, I think an email newsletter will outdate Facebook, Twitter, and also your blog! If these go down in any way, you always have an email list. Even though people can subscribe to the blog via email, there’s a deeper personal connection with someone via the email list. Most of the people who follow your blog probably barely read your posts. While this can be because they follow too many people to support every blog they are subscribed to, an email list really narrows it down. I also wouldn’t complain if your email list is small like mine. The benefit of this is that you’ll have a higher open rate because these are the people who really enjoy your work. They are, as the article elaborates on, your real supporters. The people who, when you release a book they will (wait for it) buy it!

If you do have an email list, pay attention to open and click rates. This narrows it down even further. Of the 100 subscribers to your email list, how many of them open the emails? This is your real number. Or even if you have 3,000 subscribers, how many open your emails and click on your links? These are your real numbers. Also, I would try not to be all “businessy” (Made up word) in your emails. Personally, I try to be as genuine as possible. Emails are personal and the people who are subscribed are people who have already read your posts, and probably some of your books too. This means they are subscribed because they are looking for something different. They want to get to know the real you. Again, they’ve already read your blog posts so there’s really no reason to recreate the wheel. Make your email list feel special. Oh and another thing, email lists and newsletters are excellent for people who are not into technology! They may not like your FB,  follow you on Twitter, or follow your blog BUT they will open your emails!


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11 thoughts on “Newsletter, Blog, or Both?”

    1. When I started my email list I hadn’t done much digging into it so I started off kind of in a generic way. I just updated people on my recent projects. From there I started writing articles specifically for my list. Articles that aren’t on my blog or anywhere else. Later I published them to this blog and they are some of the most widely read ones but my email list saw it first.

      I’m still learning about content as well but I try to keep my email list in the loop, making sure they are the first to know about important things going on in my life. Generally, my email list enjoys my words of encouragement and inspiration.

      I also try and include a link to some valuable resource related to the email at the bottom. If I spoke about revisions maybe, I’ll post a link at the bottom of the email to an online eBook I used and loved about revisions. I just try to keep it fun and be as unique as possible.

      There are others with great newsletters where they offer an exclusive list, links to resources, and business or writing tips. I try to keep that mostly for this blog and use my email as a personal message filled with something the people can benefit from in their life as well as updates on my projects.

      I would say to start by looking into free webinars that talk about email list content. I attended one yesterday that was hosted by Leadpages and it was excellent. One day I’ll organize my notes into a blog post. Crediting the source of course.

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    1. I feel you. Have you considered changing your lead magnet? Its the thing you give away to help people sign up to your list.

      Mine was a free eBook of the first book in The Stella Trilogy. I’ve just changed that tho cause it wasn’t really working lol.

      Instead, I created a landing page (Click on the link to my email list in the post for an example). So I’ll see how this works.

      You can also host a giveaway or contest and have it to where people can sign up for your email list to enter. Make it mandatory to enter. I got the bulk of my subscribers that way.

      You do risk people unsubscribing after the contest but I’ve only had one to do that. Looking back it was worth the risk.


      1. I’ve just offered a new magnet. It’s a pdf about the 1920s, what was my AtoZ Challenge last year, with a lot more images. Not sure how it’s working yet, it’s been up for only a couple of weeks, though I only had one subscription so far.
        I need to build a landing page myself. And I am going to set up a giveaway. Let’s see 🙂

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  1. Great post. All of this is food for thought. I rarely subscribe by email. I have a couple of times. I rarely open my e-mail ,so i don’t find it useful. But seeing it from the author point of view, i think i will more often.


    1. Yup and the email list is also separate from the email subscriptions from a blog. I may subscribe to a blog via email but giving my personal email to someone to add me to their list serve is a more personal connection.

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