4 Reasons Why a Book is Still of The Utmost Importance in a Digital World

Great posts on hardcopies vs digital. I will always be of the opinion that Authors should have hardcopy versions of their books as well.

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As digital media has expanded at a dizzying pace and social media outlets have grown, certain pundits have suggested books would diminish in importance.  Mobile devices and shorter attention spans would create an environment where books would not matter as much as the onslaught of information and innumerable choices available at our fingertips every moment.  Certainly reading habits have morphed as digital options have increased, but despite these changes, books are as important as ever because their very form enables them to impact lives in ways no digital media can. Here are four reasons why I believe that is so.

A book is permanent

With so many media forms today, like Snap Chat or Instagram, the information or images conveyed are instantaneous, but soon forgotten after the next tidbit fills the feed. Not so with a book. The very form of a book means it can be preserved and revisited…

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3 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why a Book is Still of The Utmost Importance in a Digital World”

  1. I much prefer digital media to paper books now, for ease of access, transfer, carry and storage. The only thing about books is, their batteries don’t need charging but give it a bit of time and we’ll be able to recharge our readers with ambient light. I still have hundreds of books on my shelves. I never take them down because most of those also reside on my computer, reader phones (that being those “obsolete” phones you can get for free from friends upgrading their phones) and on other digital media. With proper back-up, no reason why a digital copy of a book shouldn’t last one’s lifetime, is there? Because I do a lot of research, I depend on the search function of digital media. With books, I had to underline the passages I thought I might need to refer to… down the road… and that led to too many highlights, underlines, asterisks, exclamation marks and marginal notes. Crazy and still the comments were difficult to find, or several books had to be piled up next to the computer and my mind had to wander from my article or story, to the books or reference material and often, coming back, the thread was lost. Now I just have those references open for find, copy and paste. Piece of cake. Also no reason why an e-book can’t be revisited and re-read. I file my “Read” books in a separate folder and they become reference material. If I really, really dislike a book, all I have to do is delete it. I don’t need to recycle it, wasting more energy to turn it back again into paper. My thoughts.

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    1. Thanks for leaving your thoughts on the table! Technology has definitely increased the ease of research. I love having apps on my phone, googling what strikes me as unfamiliar or reading from my tablet. I love being able to blog from my cell phone or tablet when I’m on the go. And I love what digital technology has done for writers and the Self-Pub community. However, despite all of this, I still prefer my paperbacks! Lol. That’s just me. Hardcopy hands down and all the way.

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