Now these are the real issues people should talk about right now…

Exactly. Starbucks cups? Really right now?

Sophie Speaks Up

There were terrorist attacks in Paris, suicide bombings in Beirut and Baghdad, and all of these happened in just one day. The least I can do is to pray for them and let you all know that instead of debating over cups, there are other problems in the world that are more important and we should be aware of them. Hundreds of lives were taken. This is something we can’t just ignore. This is the real “war” we should be talking about.

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Welcome Russia

So as everyone whose probably tired of these posts by now already know, I am showing love to all my viewers who I see stop through to peek at this blog who are from other countries outside the U.S. It is something I don’t think is done very often, and not too long ago I saw a view come in from Russia! Welcome Russia!  Do come Again.

#InternationalViewerAppreciation #IVA