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In 2014, I tried my hand at writing a screenplay that reads like a movie script. I figured, OK well, since the writing moves like a movie in my head, why not? Of course, I would like to try my hand at all genres eventually. Anywho, July of this year will mark the 2 year anniversary of Pearls Before Swine so you can imagine my delight to log into Amazon and see this customer review for it! Of course this review was left some months ago but I had not seen it for some reason. Long story short, last thing I was looking for is a review from PBS. I wouldn’t say that I’ve forgotten about it, but I was pretty lazy in pushing it back then. Time truly flies and it just seems like I knew so little then in comparison to today in relation to book publishing. As I think about it, I think its because I wasn’t as into Book Reviews. I didn’t understand the value of them back then as I do today. But as I hold the book in my hands, I am still very proud of what the Designer did to the cover, and what the editor did to the interior. Shout out to Andre Hawkings of Kenosis Innovative Designs and Cynthia Brooks for hooking me up. Below is a screenshot of the surprise review. It truly made my day.



Exerpts: Pearls Before Swine Vol #1

ISBN: 9780692207154
Available Now on Amazon.com


I SQUEEZED to get passed the niggaz in the hall; and half naked women with hutchie mama shorts on as we used to call ‘em.

“Oh my bad shaty” said an unidentified male.

“Shaty?” I wonder if he knew he was talking to a woman at least sixteen years his senior, I shook my head. Why couldn’t my people do right? The project buildings were gone but the green apartments became a quick replacement. Krazy’s apartment (a nick name she got a while back cause lil mama don’t take no mess!) was on the first floor. We grew up together, been tight since 6th grade. We always talked about being grown-ups and getting married. I was supposed to have eight kids by now! While she successfully had her four, sometimes I wish she had none. We were supposed to be gazillionaires with huge families who took road trips to nowhere only because we could afford it! Like the song says, “back in the day when I was young…I’m not a kid anymore it’s some days I sit and wish I was a kid again.”Maybe then, if we were still kids, she would’ve never got hooked on that stuff. For some reason or another, fate led us into two separate directions. I bypassed her door to head to the steps for Big Sam’s apartment.
I slammed my knuckles against the door.

“Ey T, get tha doe!” shouted Big Sam

Yep, that was Big Sam alright, loud, fat, and lazy as all get out.


When attorney Tina Brown discovers she’s finally given her first case after years of desk work, she is unprepared for what awaits her. Two young Black men are accused of raping a famous hair stylist on the West Side of Chicago, sending the media into chaotic excitement. But for Tina, things change when she comes to find that the young man she’s assigned to defend is the same young man who sells drugs to her best friend, and forbidden magical diamonds are found by those related to the case.

Sidney Jackson is the Journalist for Sista 2 Sista Magazine and spends most of her time away from home. Her 12 hour days and in-between visits to her own home leave Black, (her successful insurance agent boyfriend of the past two years); yearning for some much needed attention. But as the recently appointed Journalist for the new rape case stealing headlines, Sidney is unwilling to oblige, that is until she finds one of the diamonds and her life is forever changed.

Chareese is the prominent owner of her own catering business and is prepared to tell off anyone who steps in her way of success. Outspoken, and driven, she’s unwilling to tolerate those who cannot see the world her way. Also known as “Reese”, she prides herself in being brought up in a good home with parents who are still married. But how does her world change when she finds out her boyfriend is about to stand trial in the biggest news story of the millennium?

An African American male with a strong sense of identity and heritage, Malaki is unaware of that the cutie he’s watching moving with rhythm to the beat of soft instrumentals would ignite something special in his heart. Often mistaken for a preacher (or Muslim), he teaches members of the black family the importance of history and how such history affects their state of mind today. But when Malaki meets Tina for the first time, ancient revelations reveal shocking secrets.


” Pearls before swine is amazing! If you haven’t read it yet, I defiantly recommend you read this book. I can see it becoming a movie.”
— Jessica Sandhu, Tacoma, WA

GOLD Top Pick
“This is an amazing book. You can find yourself playing out each scene as if a movie is playing out in your mind. Each character has a story that you can somehow relate to yourself. Wonderfully written this page turner will have you asking for more and more. This is a book that was truly hard to put down. Really looking forward to Volume 2. If you do not have it, it is a must have for any reader. BUY THIS BOOK!! What are you waiting for? ”
—Constance Washington, Fort Wayne, IN

” If you haven’t gotten this book, I highly recommend it…Yecheilyah Ysrayl, YOU ROCK… this book is good!! Much love your way.”
— Zerahyah, Philadelphia

” This book is amazing….”
—Imani, Canada




Pearls Before Swine- What does it mean?

Pearls Before Swine”, what does it mean?

I am not the first to engage in a project that uses this title; many others have also indulged in the symbolic phrase and for many different reasons; the most noted being the cartoon comic strip “Pearls Before Swine”. But what does this phrase mean?

pearls before swine

To cast ones pearls before swine is to give something of value to those who will not understand or appreciate it, and comes from Matthew Chapter 7 verse 6 of the bible. In this scripture, it states the following:

Mat 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

The phrase Pearls Before Swine is not a literal meaning as in literally choosing a pair of pearls over swine, but it is symbolism for something else. Symbolism is when one thing is used as a symbol for something else, like a picture. Pearls Before Swine is symbolic of giving something valuable (pearls) to those who are undeserving of it (swine). If we look at this literally, giving a pair of beautiful and precious pearls to pigs is not good since they will tear it up; trample them under their feet. Pigs are very defiled animals who cannot appreciate the value of something as elegant as a pair of pearls. Thus we are warned to stay clear of forcing someone who is not worthy of something valuable to take it because they will only abuse it. If you spent a lot of money on something and gave it to someone as a gift but they rejected it, why would you continue to try and give it to them? In this case you’re casting your pearls before swine. Pearls being that precious thing, swine being that thing that only wants to tear it up.

This phrase Pearls Before Swine is used metaphorically or in other words, symbolically, and is one of the most powerful ways to reach people in relation to giving and receiving information. Symbolism is basically when something appears to be one way on the surface, but actually have a deeper meaning, which usually appeals to our subconscious. It is no different than giving someone an example of something else in order that they may understand what it is you’re trying to tell them.

In relation to this book series, we seek to discover the truth (pearls), and how such truth has been twisted by those representative of evil (swine).


Pearls Before Swine is a topic to which we can all relate. Even if we have not read the bible it is a term to which many of us are familiar. At some time or another we each have a story in regard to trying to get someone to accept something we know is indeed most valuable and precious, but to have them to reject it. This PBS feeling, of sorts, leaves one with a deep feeling of frustration and sorrow. It is this way not necessarily because of them rejecting it. It is this way because of your knowledge of how important this thing is. It may have been something you spent a lot of money on that you gave someone as a gift, but that they did not accept. Or maybe they pretended to accept it, only to destroy it. Or it may have been something far more important than anything tangible or costly.Whatever the situation, we have all been involved or faced with that “PBS moment”.
In the comments section, I would love to hear your commentary in regard to a similar experience. Have you ever tried to give someone something most precious, even if it’s just your conversation, but they rejected it? What was your PBS moment?






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