Separation From Blogging

The sun had not completely set on my first night away before I was flooded with post and story ideas. And by the time the sky was overspread with blackness and poured into my bedroom, I’d written two poems already. To what do I owe this sudden flood of inspiration? I suppose it’s because a relaxed mind is a creative mind, or so they say. But in my reflection, I’ve had a lot of time to think and have come to the conclusion that there is some truth to that saying; separation from the online scene does tend to resurrect a kind of motivation lost during the constant interaction online. Personally, the desire to force a thought on top white paper seems to ring too loudly when I want to write, or rather feel I have to as opposed to when I’m just living life. The anxious stroke of the pen, or the thrashing keyboard always comes in that moment when you’re consciously aware that you must scribble something into existence. You thus search desperately for something to spark a flame, something to satisfy this urge but pushing always pulls away. The more you push a thought, try as you must to force a post, the more ideas slip from your fingers like liquid desperation.

It is at this point that the mind needs to be set aside for a while. To separate, to relax, and to calm from the influx of emails, WordPress Readers, and advice on how we should transfer our thoughts on to the page or rather, the screen. This tends to, for me, bring to life a sudden rush of creativity. Where thoughts have been left to grow and to mature before hitting the spotlight. To give my thoughts a chance to breathe and to exist, all neatly wrapped and stored into this place inaccessible among the crowd but dancing in a place called solitude. Even this post for instance,  came easy, smooth and without effort. There was no question or debate or concern about what it would be like. It just existed and I let it be. Just a coming forth of thoughts I’d written down while sitting on my bed and yet not at all there. Somewhere uninterrupted by the perspective of others, whose words do tend to spark great creativity, but whose birth is not as beautiful as the new born torn from my own flesh. Words that come untainted and unscathed by opinion. Nothing but pure inspiration come from my own head, smack down in the midst of the quite.


Beautiful young woman jumping on  the beach with a colored tissue

Go and bring back the depth of the sea
Go and measure the measure of wind
Go and bring back the weight of fire
Go and explain the secret to water
Go and bring back the day that is passed

Sea, wind, fire, water and the day are elements that you interact with every day and yet they are a mystery to you.

Think about this the next time you stress over things you cannot change.

Don’t Regret the Rain

No, this is not symbolism; I’m actually really talking about rain here. We’re always taught, directly or indirectly, to regret the rain. To mentally throw our fist into the air and shout invisible slurs into the ears of angels; to curse the very nutrients coming down from the heavens. I may be one of the few people to actually like the rain. There is something very calming about the atmosphere when fresh rain is poured onto the ground, very soothing. Whether you’re cuddling with a spouse, enjoying a warm cup of coffee / tea, or reading a good book, you can always depend on the rain to inspire much needed meditation. Not that it’s raining now though, it’s actually nice and warm out here in Shreveport. So your probably wondering why I’d even bring up rain, just call it a random thought.

Here are some benefits of rain for the next time you find yourself wallowing in self-pity and regret because it rained on your parade—literally.

1) It puts moisture in the air
2) It helps with droughts
3) It fills streams
4) It washes away dirt from plants
5) It provides a drink for every living thing
6) It cools the temperature if it’s hot
7) It washes cars for free
8) It continues with the beneficial water cycle
9) It aids the poor in collecting water
10) It saves money from buying bottled water
11) It causes a rainbow to show up
12) It cleans roads with oil marks
13) It assists worms to move around the soil which aerates the ground
14) It can erode soil to form mountains
15) It can make certain insects and animals come out of hiding, like a snail which provides food for birds



Have you ever sat still just to reflect, to meditate, or to put things into perspective? Do you remember how you felt after you did that? Did this bring you peace? Depression? How does reflection affect you?

It’s a good idea to seek to understand more about yourself sometimes. We live in a world that is so occupied with trying to figure out why others are doing what they’re doing and why we should care that we seldom have time for ourselves. I don’t mean time for ourselves in the selfish sense of the word because if you can’t figure how to help someone else, have you actually succeeded in life? Aside from money, family and friends have you helped someone today? So, not selfishly, but reflectively, how often do we preserve time for ourselves? What is it about you, that makes you, you? What is it that you would like to change about yourself? How can you as the individual use your gifts to help better the world? Do you even care about such things? And you can be honest; it’s just you and life right now. Being true to yourself and being able to recognize those things about you can give way to great peace. If a homeless man thought he was a rich man, he will never fully function until he realizes the truth. He will not be able to take his rightful place until he realizes he is out of his place. The foundation of truth is rooted primarily in a people’s ability to know who they are. It is an identity that gives way to the substance in our lives. It is what we live for and what we die for. It is the struggle to appreciate our part in the world and to appreciate others and how their contribution is interconnected with our own.

So today, do not worry about how others see you, how many mistakes you made, or even how great you are, just reflect. What is it in your life that you need to change for the betterment? What is it that you can improve on? Think about these things without adding anyone else into the equation. Like I said, this is just you and life right now. Nothing else in the world matters at this moment.