Coming Soon


On Sunday, November 1, 2015, I will be announcing the release date for the final installment of the Stella Trilogy (The Road to Freedom: Joseph’s Story) along with its book blurb and cover reveal.


I am excited to be on the brink of having all of the books finished and ready to be made available as a set or individually. Now I can focus on book signing campaigns and events for The Stella Trilogy as a package while re-writing my first novel, whose release I have pushed back to next year sometime.

So be sure to tune into this blog and to keep your eyes on my social media for the cover release, blurb, and release date celebration of Stella Book #3. You never know, there may be some treats in store!

Stella Revealed: Book Blurb for New Book


The Daily Post gave an exciting blog prompt yesterday on giving the book blurb to a book you want to write:

“Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.”

I wasn’t going to take part in this prompt initially, but since I have written a book (available soon), I decided this was the perfect time to give the book blurb to my upcoming book: “Beyond The Colored Line“:

“Growing up has not been easy for Stella. Just a few generations from slavery, Stella is the daughter of Judith May. Mother and daughter share the blood of a black woman and her white slave owner. Unable to cope with the teasing and bullying from both the white and black kids, Stella struggles with identity and a place to belong. She does not feel she can find her rightful place among the blacks and neither among the whites. That is except on Saturdays. Stella loves Saturdays! Where her and mother take occasional walks on the town and enjoy all of the privileges that come with a light skin tone. Years later, after a discussion with Aunt Sara persuades her to pass, Stella decides to live her life as Sidney McNair, a white woman. But living Saturdays isn’t as easy as visiting them.

How will Stella deal with the new challenges that come with her new life? Will she ever find the courage to face the truth concerning herself? How far is too far?