Throwback Thursday Jams (00s): Alicia Keys – Like You’ll Never See Me Again

I don’t listen to a lot of mainstream music that’s not an early 2000 hit I liked before I stopped, 90s jam or real throwback but I do love me some Alicia Keys and I think her Red Table Talk was the best so far. (The only thing that had me thinking was how the song below was written in dedication to Key’s grandmother, not a man. (Though I do think about my man when I hear it lol… but that’s my point) Why is it, my mind began to think, the video doesn’t reflect that? Most people think this song is about a romantic relationship and the video further perpetuates that. I can’t help but wonder why the video doesn’t showcase the song’s intended purpose).

I’m looking forward to that Alicia and Lauryn Hill collabo! My favorite quote of the evening was:

“I don’t wanna be on nobody’s pedestal. I can just be me. I can be all my flawed, beautiful self, you be your flawed beautiful self and we just hang out and talk and sort it out.” – Alicia Keys


Throwback Thursday Jams (’00s) – Superwoman, Alicia Keys

This has been my jam this week! I’ve been so inspired and encouraged lately and I am just ready to work. A lot of changes are coming far as my writing is concerned and boy am I ready.  Like, I don’t even care about haters, negativity, I’m not concerned with any of it. I got too much to do this year and this summer is gonna be epic. We spend too much time on the negative things. Let’s start being excited about ourselves. Be excited about you! Positive vibes all around. My whole perspective has shifted. “Cause even when I’m a mess, I still put on a vest with an S on my chest!”

Throwback Thursday Jams (Early 00s) – Alicia Keys, No One

I will start to incorporate early 2000 Jams into the Throwbacks. That makes:

  • Throwback Jam Old School
  • 90s Throwback Jams
  • Throwback Thursday Jams (Early 00s)


Throwback Thursday Jam – If I Ain’t Got You, Alicia Keys

I was looking for a nice inspiring quote but I decided to go with a song. I hope you enjoy this nice lil throwback jam to transition into your afternoon (or late night slumber). Alicia Keys was my girl back in the day. I dedicate this song to my love.

Best Lines Ever:

“Some people think that the physical things define what’s within
hand me the world on a silver platter
and what good would that be
with no one to share
and no one who truly cares
for me…”