5 Key Ingredients All Young Adult Novels Must Have

Post Quote: “The young adult market is unyielding in popularity, at least for the foreseeable future, but this also means it’s a flooded market with content published daily. So the big question right now is how can an author stand out from the crowd?”

A Writer's Path


by Katie McCoach

The young adult market is unyielding in popularity, at least for the foreseeable future, but this also means it’s a flooded market with content published daily. So the big question right now is how can an author stand out from the crowd?

The answer is writing a seriously great YA novel. That may seem like the most common advice ever, right? Writing a good book should be the goal of all writers, but to hit the YA readers the hardest an author needs to make sure they are giving readers what they want and telling a good story at the same time. Great content gets noticed, and word of mouth is king in the publishing industry.

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They Had It All

Tim Okamura


When it came to progress reports and GPA’s there could be some acknowledgement
But when it came to c-cups she was incompetent
Forced to be ashamed of her good girl,
turned off abstinence like it was an accident
bought clothes by the way they fit,
if pants didn’t hug thighs
and waist bands didn’t advertise hips,
and if these English words couldn’t intellectualize the gloss on these lips…
then they stayed on the shelf
because see this bad girl was a good girl
but because they had it all she was ashamed of herself.
had no real desire for Timberland’s but you see she rocked ’em
cause she had to
hid pretend air force one tags deep down in her shoe
so nobody could ever know that this quite girl
was trying to fit into a world that gave her the flu
cause with dark skin kinky hair
no one had the slightest idea she was there
so confidence slid into empty chairs
and she pushed set-apartness to the side
and wished for positive comments this time like they were prayers
forget water
a trip to the mall was like walking on air
and as long as footlocker existed so would this love affair
‘cause popularity called her bluff,
and although it never existed for her kindness wasn’t enough
you see A’s and B’s were fruitless and college ambitions got no recognition
unknown to her that good grades and popularity both had stock in the elite
or that invisibility would not be defined by other people’s views of herself
no more than the Jordan’s on her feet
and that no matter how hard she tried
neither Master Degrees or Apple Bottom jeans could make her complete
and despite how long she struggled through school
it was truth that offered her the first seat
and understanding she did receive
cause they had it all
and she had nothing

Grown Enough


She has a secret (that she just does not want to grow up)
But if she could paint Double D titties on her chest
And make them believe there was actually vitamin D in these breasts
maybe after sticking kindergarten fingers in her panties her soul can rest,
Draw make-believe pads and place them in her drawer

I guess
Play some games and stuff
She’ll be just grown enough.
You see the secret is that she really does not want to grow up
But if she could just make it to 21
To drink her liver half-dead and tell Hennessy he’s the one
To make her forget she’s had too much
but maybe she just hasn’t had enough
to make her realize that the friends are gone when nothing’s left
and the taste you feel on your tongue is the similac on your breath
telling your stomach to cough up the dance you just had with death cause I know you think it cool,
but your stomach’s not fit for this kind of food
And that boy on the corner ain’t in love with you
But it’s a lot more convenient than McDonald’s cause he can have his way with you
But you’re probably just hearing this for the first time cause nobody ever told you it always hurts the first time
This, grown up stuff
She said she just wants to be
grown enough
Cause her ambition is for time to sit still
Never reaching the point of crazy debt and large bills
But if she could always stay somewhere between Dora the Explorer, and pink heels
Maybe this lump in her throat she would’ve never had to feel
If someone could have just told her that growing up is over-rated
And in this world without Yah you’re a nobody who’s never made it
And a baby-mama going to the clubs every night to get faded
Your childhood crying away cause you played it
Cause you rushed yourself into a place that’s not so puffed up
Trust little girl when I tell you
You’ll never quite be
grown enough