14 Things Writers Miss When Building Their Author Platforms | Christa Wojo.

Authors, this is a must-read. I’ve known Christa now for a few years. She knows her stuff. Personally, I am not a big fan of automation (#11) and I can work on #12 myself (I am pretty good being consistent on Twitter and the Blog but I need to work on Insta and Facebook) but pay special attention to #1.

It’s well worth the extra money to invest in a domain name for your website/blog. No matter how you spin it, sites with yourname.wix, yourname.wordpress, yourname.weebly, etc. will never be as professional as yourname.com. Even if you are not an author reading this, if you have a business invest in a domain name. You may have to pay a little extra a year but you’ll make that back in sales because it is easier to find your site. It also becomes easier for media personnel to find you too for other projects. An interested reader will most likely Google your author name dot com so try for that before getting a dot net.

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14 Things Writers Miss When Building Their Author Platforms 


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8 thoughts on “14 Things Writers Miss When Building Their Author Platforms | Christa Wojo.”

  1. Thanks for sharing her article!

    I do most of those things but #12 smacks me in the face! Consistency! I must do better! 😊

    I see #3 – social icons not activated on author blogs, and #14 – no live links almost daily! Those are two biggies we all should be doing.

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      1. Same! I get ALL the “experts” say a Facebook presence is essential…and I’m there, but I’m never going to be all-in there. They game their own system for profits so you either have to spend the bucks to be seen or link up with everyone and their brother. Not feeling it.

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        1. Everyone and their brother haha. I think paying too much attention to what the “experts,” say gets a lot of us in trouble. What I find is authenticity goes a long way. As long as you are your authentic self wherever you are I truly believe the right people will find you because you’ll share the same vibe. If I don’t have anything of value to say or share I’m not gonna post because it wouldn’t be my authentic self. I’d honestly rather not post at all than to post just for the sake of posting. I want you to miss me a little lol

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          1. Agree 100%!

            And everyone’s writing journey is unique to them. You and I are two African-American female authors but what works for you may not work for me. Authors lose sight of this when they see others in the same or similar genres becoming successful. They believe they’re doing something wrong and have to imitate what others are doing instead of finding their own best practices.

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            1. That’s exactly it. Staying set-apart always wins. We are also all on different levels of growth. I am just now seeing results from over 10yrs of publishing. Someone who been in it longer may appear more successful but they are also on a different level.

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