16 thoughts on “ARC / BETA Readers Wanted: Get Free Access to My Work”

  1. I’ve been wanting to set up a similar program for both my own writing and the work I help publish via my consulting practice. Yours is the first (and only so far) program I’ve come across and I’d like to use it as a basis for setting up my own. I wanted to ask if you’d mind before I did so. I’ll link back to this post once I’ve got mine situated and listed on my sites, to make sure I give proper credit. You’re also more than welcome to review what I put together to make sure it’s not borrowing too heavily. Let me know, and thank you.

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  2. Just wishing you all the best with your newest work.
    (I am a hopeless reader these days and my reviewer/appraisal mojo just isn’t at home anymore)
    Once more, best wishes

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        1. Yea. My ARC Team is amazing so I’d be honored to expand. I am really looking for more readers (in addition to those patient souls already on board) who are genuinely interested in the kinds of books I write. I think that’s so important for valuable feedback.

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