Author Services You May or May Not Know About

Are you new to this blog?


I know that not everyone following this blog is an author / writer / aspiring writer, but many of you are.

If you aren’t familiar with this blog, I offer a few services that you may or may not know about.

  • Email List Book Promotions
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Book Reviews
  • Book Review Follow-Up: Where Are They Now?
  • Introduce Yourself

Email List Book Promotions are Book Covers, Blurbs, and Buy Links that I promote to my email list at no cost. But you must be following my newsletter to take advantage of this offer. Sign Up HERE and then send me your Book Cover, Blurb, and Buy Link. My newsletters go out once a month (18th) . This week they will go out this Friday since the 18th falls on a Saturday. If you want to be featured this Friday be sure to subscribe before then. The exception to my once a month emails is when I have specials going on (such as Video Tutorials). I rotate 5 Covers at a time. I keep this number small to increase interest.

LK Pub. Writer’s Workshop is a free online resource center that I built to help Indie Authors find the resources they need to produce their best quality work. Most importantly however, to have a team of people around who can support them. LK Pub. is short for Literary Korner Publishing, the publishing company under which I publish my books. *I do not publish books at this time outside of my own and do not consider myself a publisher in that way. I just created a legal entity under which to run my Self-Publishing Business.*

LK Pub. Writer’s Workshop is free but is membership only and opens officially Tuesday, August 7, 2017 time permitting. Apply for membership or learn more HERE.

Book Reviews are published to this blog on Friday’s. New Book Review submissions are currently closed until my TBR pile is low. However, you should keep checking my Book Review Registry to see when I am open again. Understand that registering for a review does not guarantee you the review. I still have to see if it’s the book for me. I will then get in touch with you and let you know. It is good to register because I have lots of books to read and the registry puts you on my list and secures you a spot in line. I review books in the order in which I receive them. When I am open, you won’t see the message that I am not accepting responses. I will also be vocal about it on this blog and social media.

Books that I promote (Book Reviews or Book Promos) are also listed under the Indie Author page in my sidebar and on the Author page of my Author website. This year I will begin to promote these books openly on this blog.

When I open back up I’d like to read more of my favorite genres in addition to the others. I encourage authors with African American centered themes in particular to reach out to me.

What’s New?

Book Review Follow-Up: Where Are They Now? – I’ve been reviewing books since 2015 and have met some great writers. But once I’ve reviewed you, I’d like to continue to support you. I’ve been in touch with some authors and have decided to introduce a Follow-Up segment of the Book Reviews. Book Review Follow-Up: Where Are They Now? is an author interview following up on the authors whose books I reviewed. I have not set a date for this feature but I do have some authors lined up who are eager to meet you all. When I lock their dates in I will do an entire post dedicated to this new feature and give you the start date and the frequency of the interviews (weekly or monthly).

If you’re interested in being interviewed on this blog please email me HERE. You must have had your book reviewed by me to qualify since this is a follow-up series. If I’ve already reviewed your book, send me an email.

Introduce Yourself – Can’t get a review in at this time? I have a new feature that I will be doing a separate post on real soon. I will share the motivation behind this segment in that post but in brief, at the close of last year I stated I wanted to offer another service for authors on this blog aside from the Book Reviews. After much thought I have many ideas (some I won’t implement at this time) and some that I will.

Many authors have been writing for years and have multiple works out however they are unknown in the blogging community or writing community in general. Even for those who are known there are always someone who has never read your work or probably don’t even know that you’ve written a book.

I’d like to offer this space to new and established authors as an opportunity to introduce themselves in an interview-like setting. The questions in particular will be tailored toward getting to know more about you as an author and as a person.

Authors interested should email me at for more information.



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