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If you got it all together, there is no room for growth. If you know it all, there is nothing else to learn. If there is nothing else to learn, there is nothing to strive for. If there is nothing to strive for, there is no hope. If there is no hope, then it is all in vain. Vain. It means nothingness. producing no result. Useless. Are you useless? Let it not be that your existence here is pure poverty; a wasting away of flesh. A joining of bone and marrow, flesh and blood yet dull of emotion, of mistakes, or faults, of trial and error. When you started writing; when you started a blog; when you started school; a new relationship; a job; when you started whatever it is that you started, no one expected you to turn into a robot. Mistakes exist to be learned from and they make up our experience but, when you’re pinched, no one expects you not to feel. Having faith does not mean that you have to pretend as if it doesn’t hurt. If you want to be the best, then there is one thing you must be willing to do: Mess Up. That’s right, you must fall, trip, stumble. If you are to be the best, then you have to make all of the mistakes that are necessary in order to know the difference between what works and what doesn’t. So, fall. Break. Burst forth. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.

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I write to restore Black Historical Truth for the freedom of all people. Visit me online at yecheilyahysrayl.com and @yecheilyah on IG and Twitter.

9 thoughts on “Mistakes”

  1. Yes, I suppose, but for me, life didn’t call me to go out and make mistakes – I was, and remain, a rather careful one though I have done things few would even try – life called me to dare myself, and to snub society. That was the key to change. There were mistakes made in some of those endeavors but I never dwell on those: they were either paid for… or of necessity left behind. I still dare and I still discount the mistakes.

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    1. I don’t believe life calls you to make mistakes, just that everyone will make them at some point in their lives. The key thing to remember, and that I hope to convey in this post, is that once a mistake is made we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. Of course, no one should strive to stumble. There has to be accountability and discipline indeed, but the hope is that when mistakes are made, that we can see the lesson in them.

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  2. Could be some writers are reluctant to take risks that might lead to mistakes because there are so many critics out there ready to pounce on typos, grammar issues, etc. That’s why blogging is a good way to jump into writing, though, because a blog post isn’t a book.


    1. Very true. Blogging is a great way to share writing. There’s a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming but getting out there is the only way to learn. Thanks for leaving a comment on the table!

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