Wk#4: #Rebirth Weekly Love Challenge – You Can’t Leave

Wow, this month is over already. This is my final Love poem submission for Lisa’s Weekly Loooovveee Challenge for the month of April. loveu1


You can’t leave me
not now
not ever
not while my kiss is in your bloodstream
and not when your tongue has danced on the insides of my mouth
not when your teeth have carved “I luv u’s”
on my heart like hieroglyphic images
to remember when were far apart from each other
long standing memories
And if I 4get to say I love you just use the seal of my kiss and put them in parenthesis
but not for a Greek tragedy
so you see
there ain’t no leaving me
Not unless you wanna leave you
and then our bystanders can tell stories of those days back when life made sense
back when you were already a man of pride
and serious eyes were already making love to the tears of my innocence
Not unless you want them to weep at our footprints
But if your heart continues to cry my tears
And my heart continues to cry your tears
Then it will be impossible for you to leave me
Because our hearts will be tongue tied for years.


Special thanks to Lisa for hosting this months Love Challenge, it was fun! Whoop! 🙂


Wk 2: Love Poems Challenge: A Love Like Music


Welcome back everyone for another week of Looooveee with Lisa Tetting’s Love Poem Challenge brought to you every Friday. This one is a re-post, an oldie but goodie. Enjoy.

A Love Like Music…

the instant birth of calm
and racing anxiety slowed,
and slick,
and subtle
like splashes of sunlight chipping at our faces
warm and comforting
like tapping footsteps
love me
like drumming fingers
like dancing
bobbing heads and bodies contorted
into the full figure of violin
and singing like half notes
like puzzles brought together and connecting to the sky
we love like wireless
find us anywhere
find us weak and fractured
our experiences tugging against the others existence like tendons and muscles
our faces pulled back like nostalgia
an orgasmic melody of words to virgin ears
potent, and suspect, and anxious
like balls of flesh torn into stuttering syllables, and time signatures
and melodies and pianos
we play poetry like pianos
like fingers are feathers
every nerve tickled by the slightest touch
a Katrina of waves pleasurable and strong
like euphoria
brushing against the shores of truth
love me into music
like base that split atoms into frequencies that scrape the sky
that loves like stringed instruments
this is a love that sounds
like music


And that’s it for my contribution to Lisa’s Love Poems Challenge. Click the pic (or the link below) to see how you can join the fun!



Love Poems Challenge – The First Time

Ok ok.. I’ll take part in the challenge, you pulled my arm :).

So, my first poem for Lisa’s Love Poem Challenge for National Poetry Month is the audio version of a poem I posted here awhile back called “The First Time”. Dedicated to my husband, I only posted part of it. This is the whole thing.

(If there are any issues with the audio, please let me know in the comments section. Otherwise, enjoy! )



What are you waiting for? Join the fun! > https://rebirthoflisa.wordpress.com/2015/04/02/new-challenge-for-national-poetry-month/