Why My Blog Name is Weird

You can find some of this same information under the about section of this blog but, let’s be real: How many of you read my about page before following this blog? Exactly. So, welcome newcomers and old comers alike! I am here to answer the question I am sure has been burning on your conscious, why is my blog name so…weird?

To get the full understanding, I should give a little background on what PBS is short for and what it means.

PBS is short for Pearls Before Swine and is a term that comes from Matthew 7:6 of the bible:

Mat 7:6  “Do not give what is set-apart to the dogs, nor throw your pearls before the pigs, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.

In this context, pearls are symbolic of the word, truth. It’s precious, delicate, and priceless. A pig, on the other hand, is a filthy and unclean animal. Anything you put in front of a pig he will either eat it or step over it. When you give a pair of pearls to someone who wants it they will accept it, protect it and value it. But, if you give a pair of pearls to a pig he will tear it apart. Some people are pigs and will not accept what you have to offer. When you give people the truth not everyone will value it or take care of it. Some people will take their disagreements and turn their anger on you. It’s like buying my husband a very costly watch and he rejects it. When this happens, you step back and not allow yourself to be put in a situation in which a pig will trample your pearls.  If he doesn’t want the watch, it’s going back. (No, my husband is not a pig but this was too good of an example to waste lol)

In short, if people don’t want the truth, don’t force it on them because the truth is precious and should be protected. Thus, “don’t cast your pearls before swine.”


It gets a bit heated on this blog sometimes as many of my posts are considered controversial by some. I am the kind of person who, if the majority says the sky is blue, I will say that the sky is really black. That it is only blue because of the sun’s light reflecting off the water and that when the sun sets we see the sky for what it really is, black. Needless to say, very rarely do I agree with the majority. I don’t say much but what I am passionate about I will speak up on. I will not shy away from the truth and bite my tongue on what needs to be said because people’s feelings are hurt or because it makes them uncomfortable. I don’t scratch my head unless it itches and I don’t dance unless I hear music and nine times out of ten, not even then. (because, like, you can be humble and firm at the same time…stand for something or fall for anything.) In the words of Nina Simone, “you can’t help it. An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times”, and here I strive to reflect the times, no matter how ugly that reflection may be.

That said, due to the controversial nature of some of my topics it’s important for me to remember not to “cast my pearls before swine”, that is, not to argue back and forth with people who have already rejected the information. You can’t make people believe anything so I am not here to force anyone to agree with me, see my point or slap me on the back. I am not here for praise or applause. I am here, to tell the truth. Thus, PBS is a reminder to me of why I am here and what I must do.

All of this said, it took me a while to accept this as the name of my blog, to not conform to what others were saying a blog should be and not to change my blog name once I learned more about blogs  (which I am tempted to do at the beginning of every year. To change my blog name, not to change my blog name…that is always the question!)

I chose this name in the beginning without the revelation of what I’ve just told you. In the beginning, I chose it simply because when I started this blog in 2014, I had just published a book by the same name. I didn’t know what this blog would become much less put thought into changing the title to something that sounded more “writerly.” In the end, I decided to keep the name to further set myself apart. I am after-all a bible believer and I also love to write symbolically, objectively, and metaphorically; being able to compare objects or use them as symbols to stand-in for a deeper meaning. Like they say if you want the truth of something it’s always just beneath the surface. I am proud that my blog name reflects that. Like me, this blog is more than what you see on the surface.

The Tagline

“Because Truth is Stranger Than Fiction”

When I first started this blog someone reached out to me. They said that I had made a mistake. They thought I had meant to say that truth is stronger than fiction. No. I did not mean stronger. I meant stranger.

“Truth is Stranger Than Fiction” isn’t just a fancy tagline put together by a writer of fiction; not something I dug up between the inspirations of Mark Twain. What it seeks to communicate is the notion that nothing we can create can be as unusual as what we are bound to find in real life, and speaks metaphorically of the unsettling realness of truth. The “strangeness” of reality. You think something is weird until you find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes. You think my blog name is weird until you understand what it means.

Mission, Purpose Goal


My mission for the existence of this blog is to spread truth by way of the written word and spoken word by any means necessary. Whether we are talking biblical truths, historical truths. Writerly/Authorly truths or my own personal truths. To paint poetic justice against the backdrop of heavy keystrokes. To paint poetic justice means to use my writing as an underground railroad to freedom. If people can’t be liberated in their own lives, I hope that my writing (in whatever form that may be…my books, poetry or this blog) can provide a road-map. Of course, this isn’t easy to do considering the heavy misinformation, deception, and religious ideologies that have enslaved us for so long. These are the heavy keystrokes.

Here you will find:

  • Poetry
  • Articles (various topics)
  • Creative Writing
  • Indie Author / Self-Publishing Tips
  • Blog Tips
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Biblical Analysis
  • Black History
  • Music / Throwback Jams


So there you have it, that’s why my blog name is weird!


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