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Blogging has greatly impacted my writing life. The knowledge and wisdom from my fellow bloggers is amazing. I love that we build each other up and alert one another to things that may seem fishy in the publishing industry. I love that we promote each other and help advance the other’s writing life. That said, my tip for new authors is this:

This is just a suggestion, but if you are about to publish for the first time and you’ve never published a book before (and people don’t know you as a writer, maybe as other things but not as a writer) consider starting a blog at least 6 months to a year of publishing your first book. Spend that time talking about your passions, networking with other writers, readers and getting a feel for the online community. Don’t just talk about your work, talk about yourself. Post funny pictures, inspiring quotes, short story excerpts, articles and anything that appeals to your target audience and that (most of all) showcases your personality. Let people get to know you better while also getting to know the writer you. Then, when you’re ready to publish your book, you have a platform and people who are interested outside of your immediate circle.

This tip is only for those who are close to publishing. If you are still writing your book, I would say to focus on that for now. If you are publishing soon however, you may want to try blogging to test the waters. It’s a better platform for networking (in my opinion) than Facebook and Twitter.

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26 thoughts on “New Author Tip”

  1. I agree. The blogging community of authors is a wonderful place. I’ve met so many fantastic people and I’ve learned so much.
    I started my blog because I thought as an author I should have one, but now I maintain it because I just love it 🙂

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  2. I wish I learned this sooner. I was too excited before and enrolled straight into KDP Select. Now I’m starting to get a grip at the theory of how everything works in the self publishing world.

    Speaking of blogging, do you have a any advice about what I should blog about as a fiction writer (fantasy to be exact)?

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    1. Hmmm. Well as a Fiction Author you could post excerpts of your work, short stories here and there but I always think the most important thing is to publish content that will help readers to get to know you better (because people tend to support people they know.) So, what are you passionate about? Who are your favorite fantasy authors? What’s your writing process like? Are you working on a book now, what’s that like? What kind of music are you into? What are your world views? These are just some questions that can prompt blog post that will help your readers learn more about you.

      Additionally, I would recommend a book by Anne R. Allen called The Author Blog: Easy Blogging for Busy Authors. She provides great insight into what should go into an author blog. I have included the link below.


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