Yecheilyah’s Book Reviews – SICKER by Christa Wojo.


Title: SICKER – Psychological SICK Series Book Two

Author: Christa Wojciechowski

Print Length: 107 pages

Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1533513538

Publication Date: April 13, 2016

Language: English


*I did NOT receive a free copy of this book. I purchased it in support of the author and have decided to write a review*

This review is a surprise to the author (she doesn’t know I’m writing it, hee hee). Yes, I did finish reading this book months ago and yes, I did have to read it again for this review. However, I did say that I would review it and I like to stay true to my word (unless otherwise communicated).

That said, I’m amazed that John can be even sicker in book two of Christa’s psychological thriller than he was in the first book. In case you’re new to this blog, you can read my review of Book One in this series here (which I’ll recommend if you haven’t read the first book. My first review will give you an understanding that will help with this review).

SICKER is the second book to a 3-Book psychological suspense novella surrounding a woman with a very sick husband. Upon the close of Book One, Susan Branch has just discovered the truth concerning her husband’s constant illnesses and this is where we pick up. Illnesses that left her void of a happy marital life and sense of self. Illnesses that can be said to have betrayed the most intimate part of her: her mind. Illnesses that were the result of a sick individual that literally robbed her of what could have been.

John’s secret (which you’d have to read Book One to discover) is so bizarre that Susan is caught up in a wrath that consumes her and she is forced to question her own sanity. How could she, as a medical professional, miss so many of the signs that revealed the true nature of her husband’s illness? An illness that is far more superior than that of physical bruises.

SICKER focuses on the source of John’s obsession as he recounts a childhood that is riddled with sadness, loneliness, and trauma.

While my first impression was mental retardation from the first book, reading this one I feel differently. As crazy as this sounds, I almost feel sorry for John. You see, this book made me think about the importance of love in our lives. I believe the need to feel loved and to be loved is critical to our operation as well balanced and healthy individuals. People denied the privilege of this become the same people we deem crazy in mental institutions. Truth is, it doesn’t matter whether you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth or plastic spoon, everyone everywhere at some point in their lives needs love, without which we are no longer human beings and can, therefore, be driven to do unspeakable things.

Plot Movement / Strength: 4/5
Entertainment Factor: 4/5
Characterization: 4/5
Authenticity / Believable: 5/5
Thought Provoking: 5/5
Overall Rating: 4 / 5 stars

SICKER is available  now!


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