8 Tips to Market a Book

Great tips on Marketing your book! This is need to know info.

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Hi there fellow Bloggers, I have had a crazy weekend due to my military obligations so I was unable to get this post up yesterday. I hope you forgive the delay, and I hope you enjoy this week’s A Bit of Business. 

8 Tips to Market a Book

Marketing requires its own type of mind but can be fun once you get the hang of it. One of the best parts of being a Financial Representative was closing on a sale. There were certain tips that can make the sale more likely.  A new writer must struggle through the sea of other authors just to get a chance at earning a reader.

Know your Audience

Understand the type of people that your work would appeal to. Plugging your new novel on your personal Facebook feed might earn a few readers from family and friends but many of the people who would…

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