90s Throwback Thursday Jam – Doo-wop (That Thing), Lauryn Hill

OK, funny story. I was sitting around thinking about what Throwback I was gonna play today right? So my husband says:

Hubby: “How far back are you going?”

Me: (Laughter) “Umm..”

Hubby: “Cause 90s is not throwback.”

Me: More laughter….dying on the floor

Listen people, as I told him I looovvveee 90s throwbacks! There’s something about those love songs that’s just..yaass.

So, for his sanity (and yours), here’s what I’ll do:

When I’m doing a 90s Throwback you’ll see: “90s Throwback Thursday Jam”.

When I’m doing a for real, for real throwback (80s on back) you’ll see the usual: “Throwback Thursday Jam.”

To keep it fresh, I’ll alternate every week. So, late 20s – 30s club, you’re up first. Groove into Lauryn Hill’s “That Thing”, 90s style…

Throwback Thursday Jam – My Love is Your Love, Whitney Houston

Cruise into your Thursday afternoon with the late Whitney Houston’s Throwback hit, your love is my loooovvveee

Throwback Thursday Jam – Everything, Mary J. Blige

I never thought I’d see the day 90s songs become throwbacks! Groove on into your afternoon (or evening) with Mary J. You ain’t never really been in love until you can relate to one of her songs! Yaaass: