Yecheilyah’s Book Reviews – The Cursed Queen: Mystery Tales Series Book One by Carlo Ocaya

Title: The Cursed Queen: Mystical Tales Series 1

Author: Carlo Ocaya

Publishing: Coming June 19, 2019

The Cursed Queen is part of Ocaya’s Mystical Tales series, a fantasy mystery novel full of adventure and magic. The story takes place on a hidden Island called Ophen, and the world is reminiscent of Bright, the movie starring Will Smith, where humans, orcs, elves, and fairies co-exist. In this book, there are short people called Hervecs, big, colorful-skinned people called Broncords, animal people called Naiths, and magical people called Elves.

Yuna Queenertia has just awakened from a coma and does not understand who she is or where she is. She lives with Marianna Waterglow, who calls herself Granny, a woman named Anna, and her daughter Samantha, who everyone calls Sam. Sam is hilarious. I enjoyed how the author developed her character. I admit I liked her better than Yuna. She just seemed more real to me, like a real little girl.

I enjoyed the tension surrounding Yuna’s confusion about who she is and why she is not allowed out of her room. The anticipation makes you want to keep reading. We soon discover that Yuna has silver hair, and because of this hair, she is cursed. The people throw stones at her and mistreat her. As the book progresses, we follow Yuna, Sam, and their family on a journey of self-discovery as Yuna searches for her memories. We are taken back to her childhood for some backstory, introduced to more interesting characters with interesting abilities, and discover many twists as secrets are revealed.

I wish there were more that tied in with Yuna’s hair, though. A lot is revealed, but I felt that it became more about the Wraiths (a terrorist group in the magical realm) than it was about Yuna’s discovery. I would have liked the story to dig deeper into the history behind people with silver hair more than it did. However, this is only book one so who knows what Ocaya’s got up his sleeves! I think it’s fascinating to depict someone with this hair as cursed because, typically, gray and silver hair is indicative of someone with wisdom.

I see this book as a movie and recommend it to young adults. Children would love it. For instance, Yuna’s history and tradition teacher is a Hervec with a long mustache that reaches the floor, a long robe, and glasses. This would be funny to see on the screen. Then there’s the funny little fairy Yuna and Sam meets in search of Anna. I can’t tell you much else without spoiling the book, but there’s a youthful, delightful innocence about this book that I love. Although the anticipation of Yuna discovering her memories will send you reeling, this was a fun, adventurous read.

The only thing stopping this book from being a five-star is the cover. It does not do the story justice.


Plot Movement / Strength: 4/5

Entertainment Factor: 5/5

Characterization: 4/5

Authenticity / Believable: 5/5

Thought Provoking: 4 /5

Overall Rating: 4 / 5

The Cursed Queen (Mystical Tales, #1) is available here.

About this Author:

Copyright©2019. Carlo Ocaya.

Carlo Ocaya was born and raised from the island called Saipan (No, not Spain, Saipan). Staying within his hometown for the first 19 years, he decided to join the Marine Corps and was sent to the U.S. mainland in California.

During his time in the military, Carlo began writing his first few drafts of the Mystical Tales series. He got the idea of his first book by the thought of his home. The setting of the island was meant to contain similar features as his homeland with the people and settings slightly altered. His adventure towards the states is what has created and developed his future ideas on books.

He went to school overnight in order to study the basics of writing and further his knowledge on grammar and literature. It wasn’t until the next few years that he gained the confidence to publish the book.

Independent and thriving, Carlo uses his knowledge from software engineering class to further develop his website into what it is now. He continues to further his education by learning the tricks and trade at San Diego Mesa College.

Now residing in Santa Ana, California, he stays with his brother and goes to school full time. Carlo hopes to partake in future book events and display his writing, skills, and books to others.

His first book, Mystical Tales: The Cursed Queen, will be featured within LA Times Festival of Books and San Francisco Bay Area Book Festival.

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