Good Writers

Maybe the book didn’t come out the way you envisioned it would or maybe you’ve got a one-star review. Maybe your editor marked all up and down your manuscript or someone critiqued the confidence right out of you. Maybe you failed, miserably. And maybe you want to crawl underneath the covers and will yourself away. If only you could shrink so that even your body disappears. Maybe, just maybe you are becoming a good writer.

Good writers get negative feedback at some point, period. Good writers get it wrong A LOT. Good writers fail, miserably. Good writers have confidence that appears low because good writers are humble. Good writers are scared to death of publishing the next book because good writers are real. They mess up. They get mixed reviews and feedback.

The difference between their failures and those who quit is that good writers have failed so many times that they are equipped to handle disappointment. And therefore, have the resilience and maturity to get back up and try again.


The next time you receive feedback that makes you want to cringe you gotta remember that you are in good company. Every good writer was a failure first and every master was first a student.

Don’t misunderstand me, everyday ain’t beautiful. I don’t want my optimism on this blog to be too sweet for you. Cheerfulness ain’t a pill you can take that will make it all go away. I don’t want you to think that the struggle isn’t real, but if you never mess up, if you have never doubted, if you have never failed, never been knocked down, and if you give up too easily then maybe you can never really become a good writer.

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37 thoughts on “Good Writers”

  1. I absolutely loved this read. I stepped away from my blog several months ago for personal reasons and this was one of the topics that I spent several weeks wrestling with for a blog topic that I would write at some point. Failure is a necessary ingredient in success. Failure is where we learn HOW to succeed. Failure is where we are given the answers that we are looking for, because no one starts out having all of the answers, even if they have a really good mentor. Even a good mentor won’t give you all the answers, they’ll just point you in the general direction in hopes that in uncovering the answers, we’ll also discover ourselves. Success in and of itself is nothing more than positive reinforcement to continue repeating the same process of steps that produced a positive reward BUT failure is better because in it, we learn something (if we are mature enough and disciplined enough to stick with it) that will give us an even bigger reward for our dedication, when we implement it into the process the next go around. This post is amazing, and if I haven’t told you already, THIS POST IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Now, you’ve got me fired up to go out and fail (or maybe that’s just what I got from it haha! Thank you for sharing this. Peace and love to you. Cheers!

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    1. I am humbled that you found this post so helpful. Thank you. You’re absolutely right, failure is necessary. There’s nothing like the teacher of experience. Thank you for leaving a comment on the table. 👍

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  2. That is such a powerful post. It truly is something we all have to deal with. Three stars are humbling and can be a bit defeating. But knowing what caused the three star review can be positively invaluable.


    1. You know, I’ve learned that three stars is not that bad. I mean, obviously we want to get the highest rating we can get but I’ve learned that some readers refer to the three stars the most. That’s because while five stars means they liked everything pretty much, three stars give readers a more balanced idea of what the books is about. We learn both what the reader liked and disliked about the book. Four stars sometimes do it too. Of course, one wouldn’t want to get too many three stars though. And yes, knowing what caused the rating is definitely invaluable.

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            1. Yea. I do think as Indie Authors we should set the bar high. It is always my belief that excellence is priority. While a 3 star may not be terrible, its not a five either. While failure is inevitable, we should not strive to fail. Always put forth excellent effort and if you don’t get that back so be it. You’ve done what you could.

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