The Testimony

Your testimony is probably your most powerful tool to reach others. So go ahead, be that bridge.


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8 thoughts on “The Testimony”

  1. Testimonies are proof and evidence of what can be overcome to others, but I’ve found far too often, the owner of the testimony is the first to forget their accomplishments and return to floundering. Still trying to figure that one out.

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    1. True. I feel you. I think the issue is being able to recognize there was an accomplishment to begin with and understanding how to use it for continual growth instead of going back. I think its a challenge for most people to see the good that has come from a stressful or traumatic situations or to acknowledge that any growth has been made at all for whatever reason. Maybe that’s another gift of the testimony, to help us in that revelation.


  2. This post has been a reminding beam of light.
    Life millions of others my life to date has been not much fun (or so my memory tells me). And I know for fact I have a fine catalogue of ‘screw-ups’.
    However I am still standing, I still have the love of my family, and there are a few times when in the words of Wellington after Waterloo I can say ‘By God. I do not think it would have done, if I had no been there,’.
    Thank you for reminding me to hold those precious to me.

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