Social Media and Networking

“Had I stopped after the first “failure” you would never have heard of this site. You would not be reading this right now. How much is lost because people simply give up.” – JC

(Keep Grinding People)

HarsH ReaLiTy

People give up far too easily. We are human and humans more and more want things packaged and done for them. Things have to work exactly as they say they will or there is an injustice done. As I promote both bloggers and authors I see this attitude a lot. No one gets how hard networking is more than I do.

People tend to have a “one and done” attitude on social media. This carries over into marketing and sales for people who use social media for that purpose, namely authors. If you are an indie author or a self published writer you are also a marketer and a salesman. If you aren’t your books don’t get bought. That connection is pretty simple and yet many fail to see it.

I’ve encountered countless people that will throw the line out that “I’ve tried that and it didn’t work” when it…

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