The Bible and Black History

4b97bb3247922b8da36c3838cca7ffdbSpeaking of Black History month, one of the primary concerns I hear among African Americans about the bible is: “Where am I?” With movies like Noah, Exodus Gods and Kings, and The Ten Commandments it is difficult for most black people to have faith in a book that rarely include them. In fact, many of them have been told that the bible is a white man’s book (which is not just insulting to black people but other nations as well). For centuries we’ve been taught that we’re non existent in this book or that we have small rather than significant contributions. But is this true? Were there any black people in the bible at all?

Fun Facts:

  • Location of The Garden of Eden:
    Pishon surrounding Hawilah > East Africa
    Gihon, surrounding Kush > Southern Egypt
    Hideqel, East of Assyria, Euphrates
A skull of Mitochondrial Eve was discovered, and through digitally reconstructing her features, this image was constructed.
A skull of Mitochondrial Eve was discovered, and through digitally
reconstructing her features, this image was constructed.

The Garden of Eden stretched from East Africa to the Euphrates River

  • Ham: Means Burnt Black
  • Moses, the Israelite, passes as the Grandson of the black, Egyptian, pharaoh for 40 years – Acts 7:22-23 (This means that he had to look just like him)
  • Kush > Ham’s first born son. Traced back to the Ethiopians and Nubians
  • Moses Hand Turns White – Conveniently left out of every 10 commandment movie is the second miracle. The one where Moses puts his hand in his bosom and it comes out white as snow. Wouldn’t be much of a miracle if it was already white- Ex. 4:1-7


  • Paul mistaken for a black Egyptian – Acts 21:37-38
  • The Kushites lived south of Egypt in what is called the Sudan today.
  • The Israelites with dred locs: Numb. 6:5, Ezk 8:3, Samson, etc
  • The messiah’s feet compared to burnt brass, hair like wool – Rev. 1:14-15
  • Ethiopian comes from the Greek word Atheops meaning burnt face
  • Joseph looked like the Egyptians – Gen. 42:7-8
  • Egypt: Ham’s second born son < Blood brothers to the Ethiopians
  • Ethiopian > Burnt Face
  • Egypt > Burnt Black
  • Phut: The Somalians – According to the ancient record of Egypt, Phut has been traced back to the Somalians
  • Shem: Means Name
  • Elymites – Descendants of Shem, black men with Afros and full Beards

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8 thoughts on “The Bible and Black History”

  1. It still kills me that many people’s frame of reference for biblical events is TV. And that many don’t know the actual geographical location of biblical events. Thank you for sharing! Zipporah the wife of a Moses was one BAD woman of African decent. She had the courage to do what Moses was scared to do when out was time to circumcise he son. Thanks for this post!

    1. Yes! Zipporah was a beautiful helpmate. I’m not sure if it says Moses was afraid, but for whatever reason, he didn’t circumcise his son. Good thing he was married to Zipporah! Girlfriend had his back. She saved his life.

      1. Yes She did. So many unsung females heroes in the noble. You post wants me want to go back and see where the Wise Women of Tekoah and The Wise Woman of Able are from geographically.

        1. See now you gonna make me go back and read 2 Samuel. The bible is notorious for geography and genealogy. I’m sure it mentions it. All of The Women of The Bible by Edith Deen is also a good book of study on women in the bible.

          1. Oh I’m going to check that out! 2 Samuel 20:16-22 is the story of the Wise Woman of Abel. Fascinating story. 2 Samuel 14:1-33 is about the Wise Women of Tekoah!

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